my second half marathon

With what feels like very little prep, this morning I ran my second half marathon. I hadn’t actually run 13 miles since April–when I did my first half–until this morning. Even while “training” for this race, I only ran about 9.5 miles at my farthest. So I was a little worried. More worried about my knee holding up the whole race. And a little worried about the somewhat hilly terrain–if you come from anywhere but NW Ohio (or the tri-state area), these wouldn’t even be “hills”, but they were certainly hills to me.
imageOne thing that helped me get through the race were a mother-daughter duo with who I ran the last 5 miles or so. They were lovely ladies, this was their first half, and we chatted a bit for that last hour. Talking with them really helped me to stop thinking about what was hurting or how farI still had to go. I know I’ll probably never see them again, but it was nice to connect to some other runners who were going my pace 🙂

It also didn’t hurt that my body held up. My knee never hurt, nor did my right shoulder. My upper legs were a little sore in the last mile. And I did get a few stitches in my side, but not an unstretched abdomen stitch. Just a random thing that came and went around 8 miles.

imageBut the most motivating thing, I think, was my time. I started my MapMyRun as soon as I crossed the starting line and I trust it more than the mile markers that were placed along the route. Every time I heard it say a mile, I looked at my watch and found I was going faster than I meant to. It’s very nice to go faster than you think you are and that just bolstered my confidence! Anyways, my official time was 2:35:something. But MMR told me the finish line was actually 13.42 miles. I hit 13.1 miles (on MMR) at 2:31:07 and that’s what I’m going with. That is just over 18 minutes quicker than my first half!! 😀



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