weekly dish {11/3/13}

imageLast Sunday, I farmed. Again. I didn’t really mind because I actually got to drive the tractor quite a bit. We had good system going, where I drove the tractor to the far end of the field, Nick dumped and picked me up in the combine, we drove back to the road and dumped and back to the tractor and dumped, and then I drove the grain cart back to the road to unload into the semi–I should note I didn’t do the dumping at all, just put the tractor in the general vicinity. But timing worked out because Nick’s dad got back from the elevator just when we needed him.

Anyways, this week was great. I was super pumped when I managed to run 8 miles on Wednesday. I have my next half this Saturday, so I really need to work on my distances. I had a pretty good pace, too, which felt great. (I plan on a long run today and Tuesday.) I tricked myself with it because I only ran two 1-mile stretches, but was doubling back, so I made 4 miles on each 1-mile stretch. I like tricking myself like that 🙂 Thursday was Halloween. The staff in our room were minions, and our teacher was supposed to be Gru, but he showed up to work dressed as a lifeguard (lame!). Us minions were awesome though, lots of the kids at school loved our costumes. I was supposed to run a Color Blaze yesterday, but the team I signed up with didn’t go and it was maybe 40 and rainy. So I stayed home and cleaned and made some slow cooker stuff. I have noticed a difference these past few weekends after our wedding season ended–they’ve been so easy and peaceful, it’s nice. Not that I minded celebrating marriages with some close friends, but I’m glad we have no more weddings for the foreseeable future. Though that means it’s holiday season 😕

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SundayP90x Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and my daily abs; had some barbeque chicken from one of the local fire districts fundraisers
Mondaydaily abs and 4.31-mile run
TuesdayP90x Back & Biceps and daily abs; I got some froyo (a day early because I planned for a long run the next day)
Wednesdaydaily abs and 8.04-mile run; ate school lunch (a quesadilla with beans)
ThursdayP90x Legs & Back and daily abs; HAPPY HALLOWEEN (I resisted all offers of candy)
Friday–I didn’t workout this day, unless you count an hour of grocery shopping, because after I got it, Nick and I went out to dinner and then we just hung out at home after that
Saturday–cleaned and cooked for about 4.5 hours and P90x Kenpo

I know it isn’t recommended to workout muscles every day, but this ab thing is doing wonders for my running. Just the fact that I don’t have that stitch in my side is so uplifting–my enthusiasm for running is back!! When I kick back from running a bit in winter, I won’t do the abs so much. But you need a strong core to run and  I don’t see the problem in “overdoing it” for just a couple weeks to get me to that half distance, and then relaxing with it a little.


Honestly, I never thought I’d run. I certainly never thought I’d run 13 miles. It is such an accomplishment. While I might not look like a runner, I’m very proud that my little short legs can actually carry me that distance. And I love that my body can sustain that level of effort for nearly 3 hours. I call that endurance, even if there are others who can do much more.


I made a slow cooker chicken noodle soup last week. It was okay, but a tad bland.


Yesterday, I made two new slow cooker meals: lasagna and chicken tortilla soup. This morning I made a pumpkin coffee cake this morning for breakfast. I’ve already had the lasagna and coffee cake, both of which are pretty good. I’ll probably try some of that soup today for lunch. Regardless, posts about them will be up soon 🙂


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