weekly dish {10/27/13}

imageTo start off my week, I did indeed drive the tractor, with grain cart. Yeah, I only drove it a few hundred feet, but I had to miss a mailbox and a telephone pole. And get it into the field. It is so weird driving a vehicle and not needing to use any of the pedals (even though they’re there, I didn’t need them for what I did). That was on Sunday, before I rode in the combine with Nick for a couple hours. Then we went to have dinner with my family–and I got froyo, rationalized by my 400th day without dessert (even though I’d had froyo just a couple days before haha).

At work, we had our community based learning (aka field trip) to the pumpkin patch with the kiddos. It was the shortest outing I think we’ve ever been on, coming in at 1 hour. But hey, at least we finally got the approval to go and the kids always love going out into the community. I ordered and received my doTERRA essential oils. I’m really excited to see how they work and hope that they do my body good 🙂 I had an impromptu lunch with a good friend yesterday, who I haven’t seen in about a month–she’s super busy with work and nursing school, so I don’t get to see her often (and I understand). It was nice to catch up over Pita Pit 😀

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Sunday–I ate pretty well, and had some froyo (for my 400th day without desserts). I did P90x Legs & Back.
I deserved the good wife of the year award, after I cleaned up the garage for 3 hours. I usually leave Nick to the garage, but I wanted my car to fit in and make it easier to get our new deep freezer inside, so I cleaned and organized it all.
I tried something I’ve never done before: Insanity Core Cardio & Balance
I did about half of Ab Ripper X, then ran 2.10 miles, but side cramped up majorly
It was pot luck day at school with some soups–I had an amazing white bean chicken chili–AMAZING!! I did P90x Back & Biceps and my new ab workout
I did my ab workout and then ran 4.18 miles, overcoming a slight side-cramp.
I had tons of errands and cleaning to do, so I didn’t do an official workout.


Ironically I picked this photo to share before I was the recipient of a mini-intervention. Someone close to me was telling me yesterday that I should “stop this” and I’m “almost too skinny”. She said she was “glad to see me eating more” when I recently had dinner with her. It really hurt that this person thinks I have some weird obsession and I’m trying to lose a ton of weight. While I guess it’s easy to see my dedication to eating well and exercising as an obsession, when she said, in so many words, that she thought I should stop trying to lose weight, I was offended. To be honest, the last 15 pounds I lost have been without real effort. I eat better and exercise daily and it just happens to make me lose weight. But for the past couple months I’ve plateaued and I’m happy with that. It’s my body telling me this is how I should be. I told her that over the past year, I haven’t tried to lose weight, I’ve tried to be healthier–they just happened to go hand in hand. But she doesn’t seem to believe me. So the picture really fits how I’m feeling about myself right now–my body looks this way because I’m dedicated to treating myself right. Personally, I don’t think I look skinny, I think I look toned. Too bad she wasn’t there to see me devour an entire 10″ pizza two days before that dinner.


This week I don’t have much left in the monthly budget for groceries. So I’m sticking to something easy–chicken noodle soup. Veggies are pretty cheap and I already have chicken, so the noodles are the only other thing I need. And I found a crock-pot recipe, which of course I like 🙂


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