getting ready for half #2

Two weeks from tomorrow, I have my second ever half marathon. The past couple weeks, I’ve half-heartedly tried to get back in shape for it. I haven’t run even 10 miles since April, when I did my first half. I’m sure I can get there–I can go from running 2 to 8 to 4 to 6 pretty comfortably. When my side doesn’t get that cramp, anyways.
imageToday I ran 4 miles, so I still have about 2/3s more to go. But yesterday I adopted a more rigorous ab workout. I am 99% sure a not-strong-enough-core is what is making that side cramp, because I can only get no cramp when I do abs shortly before. It’s pretty much Ab Ripper X (from P90x) plus a few other core moves: plank, side plank, bridge, superman, and “metronome”, which all came recommended at

I am a little worried, though. I need to get the distance, which is the least of my worries. I’m also a bit worried about the terrain. I know the route fairly well, because it’s nearby where I work. But that means it’s hilly. The only hills around this area are on either side of the Maumee River, which I’ll be running alongside for most of the run 😕 Where do I “train”? Just look at the picture! The trail is 13 miles long and there’s not even probably 50 feet of difference in elevation along the whole thing. So the hills, in addition to the distance and the side cramp, which I hope I’ve figured out, are collectively worrying.


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