weekly dish {10/13/13}


The highlight of this week was a wedding πŸ™‚ Nick and I both looked forward to it all week. We both took Friday off to head to Cleveland for the rehearsal and dinner in Little Italy–we had Guarino’s, which had excellent manicotti! I could’ve eaten twice or thrice what I was served–love noodles and cheese πŸ˜€ More friends arrived Saturday, so I hung out with them since Nick was off being the best best man he could be. Having been with Nick for so long, it’s a rare occurrence that either of us are that odd person in a group of friends–so I got to do that. The wedding was beautiful and short–seriously, I think the ceremony was maybe 10 minutes. The reception was wonderful.

For some reason, I actually partook in the open bar. I don’t often drink and the last time I had that much was probably about 5 years ago. At least I was responsible about it and drank enough water so I didn’t feel bad at all today πŸ™‚ I might point out though, that I really don’t act all that different when cocktails are involved and that was still true yesterday–I’m weird enough while dancing at receptions as it is. I dance like Elaine (on purpose) and pull out the 90s dance moves (sprinkler, lawnmower, etc.) regardless of alcohol. But the reception really was fun!!

Other than wedding festivities, the week was rather blase. Some of the kids at work had field day, so that was a change. Oh, I did get Halloweentown and Halloweentown II on DVD this week. It’s a Disney Channel movie but they haven’t played it at all this fall and it’s the only Halloween movie I really like. So I decided to spend the $15 and get it from Amazon. I think I’ve probably watched it a couple times already (not including right now, as I write this on the computer). And I’m sad to say that I’ve almost finished watching all ofΒ The Office–just the series finale left, although I watched that when it first aired.

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Sunday–I worked out in the garden for about an hour, pulling the 5-foot weeds so Nick can rodotill it sometime soon.
Monday–I honestly didn’t have time to do anything but cook the week’s meals. It took me probably 3 hours between cleaning the kitchen, prepping and cooking food, and then cleaning the kitchen again. I did count that in MFP, but it wasn’t much.
Tuesday–I ran 4 miles on the trail. I did do some abs beforehand and it did help keep that stitch out of my side. I guess I should just resign myself to doing Ab Ripper X every time I want to run. I should tinker with it and see how soon before I can do it and keep my side stretched–like if I do it before work, will my side be okay 8 hours later when I want to run?
Wednesday–I rode my bike nearly 17 miles–all the way to town and back to our house.
Thursday–P90x Kenpo
Friday–P90x Back & Biceps, which I hadn’t done in a few weeks. My biceps are still a little sore. We ate at Guarino’s in Little Italy for the rehearsal dinner–it was AMAZING πŸ™‚
Saturday–The hotel gym was pretty well set up, but you know I get bored in a gym (unless it’s a class). So I ran on the treadmill first, a 10-minute mile and then for another few minutes. Then 15 minutes on each the bike and elliptical. At the reception, I had I think 6 vodka-cranberries (no wonder!), the chicken and beef was fantastic, but best of all was the late-night snacks: soft-pretzels and pizza. Best idea our friends had the whole day πŸ™‚

By the way, I lost some pics when my phone acted up so you don’t get to see Sunday or Monday stuff. *I’m sure you’re heartbroken!*

This Past Week’s Cooking
This week I made Asian Braised Pork Shoulder Roast with stir fry and Vegetarian Chili. They were both slow cooker recipes, really, as the braised pork baked in a dutch oven for 2 hours–I’m sure I could find a similar recipe for an actual slow cooker. Either way, I wasn’t really a fan of the pork. The pork alone had a sort of odd flavor about it–I didn’t hate it, but I only had it the one time. I did not like the stir fry I made either. That I made as per the recipe on the back of a seasoning mix bag–maybe I just tried to spread the sauce too thin.
As for the chili, I tried to make it healthier and it didn’t work. It tasted alright, but I’m also a texture person. So when I tried to make some of the beans from scratch–black beans and kidney beans, to be specific–it didn’t turn out okay. I’ve never made beans, so I must’ve miffed it. They were still pretty hard, which I thought would go away when I added them to the slow cooker for a few hours. But it didn’t work. So I’ll try this again with canned beans and maybe play around with how to make beans properly πŸ˜•

On The Menu
I think I might make some sort of chicken pot pie slow cooker thing–I’m in the mood for it πŸ™‚ Also, I meant to try making pumpkin granolaΒ last week, so maybe I’ll find the time to make it this time. Maybe some slow cooker chicken fajitas, too.


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