and the numbers are in…

Yesterday when I was updating my “health” calendar (that’s the most appropriate name I can give it), I looked back at numbers from the beginning of the year. I’m very happy to see that my healthier lifestyle has changed the way I look. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to look good?! But that’s not the reason behind my lifestyle. Anyways, here are some numbers.

2013 Beginning Weight: 144.5
Weight as of 9/29/13: 122
Difference of 22.5 pounds

Hips (2/2/13): 39
Hips (9/29/13): 32.5
Difference of 6.5 inches

Waist (2/2/13): 34
Waist (9/29/13): 29
Difference of 5 inches

Butt (2/2/13): 39
Butt (9/29/13): 35
Difference of 4 inches

Thighs (2/2/13): 22 (around just one)
Thighs (9/29/13): 19
Difference of 3 inches

This feels like a HUGE accomplishment! It is nice to know what I really should look like. By that I mean I should look like this because I’m eating “right” and exercising at least the recommended length of time pretty much every day (I think you’re supposed to exercise about 60 minutes a day, but I could be making up that statistic). And what makes it even better is that I didn’t cut corners anywhere. I didn’t use any weird workout program or meal plan, replacement or even  a supplement. Never would I have thought I could look so different and do it in a completely natural way!

And in a great mood, I leave you. Hopefully I can fit my head through the doorway…

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