weekly dish {9/29/13}


Compared to last week, I’ve had a lot going on this week. Wednesday was my nephew’s 5th birthday party 🙂 I really can’t believe that he’s so old already. And I was happy to see that he liked my boring birthday present (a puzzle, of sorts), when I had thought he’d only like the fun present (a Nerf gun). On Friday, I went to the high school football game for the district in which I work. I honestly only went to eat the free food provided to the district staff–is that wrong? The district in which I work is actually the biggest rival of the district where I went to school, so it’s a little hard for me to root for them (especially since I work in elementary, and have no ties to the sporting teams). Oh, and I did hang out with a co-worker at the game for a bit. Yesterday, I watched my nephew score 4 goals at his soccer match (as he’s only 5, they don’t play to keep score, but of course I kept count of how he did–he’s gotten so much better at it than he was a few weeks ago when he started). And yesterday, Nick threw a bachelor party for one of our dear high schools friends. While I didn’t partake in those festivities, I did have a good time catching up with him and the other guys.

I should add that I got a tad off-track in my eating towards the end of this week. From Wednesday through Friday, not only did I not eat as many veggies as I should (I try to get at least 3 servings a day), but I ate bad food. There were some donuts for breakfast one day, a muffin or two another, and then a pizza party that just really threw me off. And man, Friday night did my tummy feel funny. It didn’t hurt, but there was definitely something wrong internally. I’m not sure why I’m all of the sudden wanting that bad food again. It’s really testing my self-control, and I’m losing that battle a little, I’m afraid. Now is when I need to remember something like this.

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SUNDAY–P90x Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper
MONDAY–4.02-mile run
TUESDAY–yoga for my sore shoulder (though I haven’t seen it help any)
WEDNESDAY–two donuts for breakfast :(, Insanity Pure Cardio (hardly ever do I experience a workout that makes me feel so weak and about to be sick, but this was one)
THURSDAY–4.26-mile run
FRIDAY–two muffins & a pizza party at work, 3.26-mile walk
SATURDAY–9.36-mile bike ride

This Past Week’s Cooking
Last weekend, I made some pulled pork in the slow cooker, with which I made many things: tostadas, a homemade pizza, and a quesadilla. I also tried it atop a baked potato, which I haven’t made a post about. That was one of the best meals! For lunch almost every day this week I had my healthy egg salad. Because of our bachelor party tenants, I did prepare a make-ahead breakfast casserole, which was quite tasty and kept me full for almost the entire day.

On the Menu
I’m still going through that slow cooker pulled pork, so I’ll try it in a few more dishes. And I’m finally going to make that pork tenderloin. But I’m not sure I’ll make another slow cooker meal this week, since I’m still eating the pulled pork. Don’t want to have too much food and have it go bad.


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