home-made & healthy {provencal beef daube}

I was in a pinch when I selected this recipe. At the store, looking for a slow cooker recipe I could do, but on a tight schedule. So I picked this recipe, knowing it sounded a lot like the beef stew I already make occasionally. But there were a few differences, so I thought I’d give it a shot.


It is by no means bad, but it is so close to beef stew and a but more prep is involved. I call it the “fancy beef stew”. It’s “fancy” because it is more involved, uses cooking wine in addition to the broth, and it has no “fattening” potatoes, but it does have mushrooms. I won’t make it again, just because the beef stew is easier to prep. But here is a link to the recipe for those who are interested: Provencal Beef Daube.


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