blogiversary (plus 1 week)


I am not a health fanatic. I work out inconsistently, I don’t always eat what is good for me–okay, I don’t eat well very often at all. I don’t pretend to be some sort of health or fitness expert, and I don’t really want to be.

I am just a 25-year-old woman who has recently become interested in taking better care of herself. Most of the health problems in my family are avoidable, so I’m starting “young”. This blog is more or less for myself–to help hold me accountable because there may be that one person out there who reads this and I don’t want to let down. So, yes, I write intending others to read, but not to the extent I will go out and advertise it to get readers. But most of this will be personal, as a real diary would be, because that’s what I want–my life, in a hopefully healthier manner than the past.

I’m Kristie. This is me…healthier.

I know it really sounds cliche on an “anniversary” sort of day, but I honestly have no idea where the past year went.

If this is how fast life goes by when Nick and I ever have a baby, I’m really not going to like it 😦 It’s already going too fast, I feel.

I thought it was necessary to look back at my first post to see what I thought of my lifestyle change that was to come, so it is copied above. I have to say that I’ve changed and that I honestly didn’t find it that hard. I know that makes me sound like a snob, probably–saying that my lifestyle change came easy. But maybe I thought it was easy because I finally found that key ingredient: self-control. True, I gave up pop and fast food before I started the blog/lifestyle change. And maybe those two resolutions gave me the jump-start to my major self-control issue, sweets. But somehow I’ve managed to give up a lot of food. And I don’t regret it a bit. I am not on a diet–what I don’t eat, I don’t eat. Period. And I’m not starving myself of anything I really want or need. I do not need to eat Taco Bell, Cherry Coke, or cookies–and since giving them up, I’ve craved them very little, never so much as to even come close to eating it.

I feel like I got a little preach-y there, so let me step back and talk more about the differences between my first post and how I am now.

“I work out inconsistently” This is just untrue now. For the most part, I work out every single day in one form or other. Except today, because I’m nursing very sore calves 🙂

“I don’t always eat what is good for me–okay, I don’t eat well very often at all.” It’s true that I still don’t always eat what is good for me. Like the potato chips I had with lunch today. But my eating is very healthy, comparably to what it was and what many people eat. Take the potato chips. They went alongside two cups of steamed broccoli, some cheese, 100% whole grain bread with peanut butter, and a banana. The rest of my lunch was very good! So do I mind letting myself have the chips or somewhat-unhealthier-chocolatey-granola-bar occasionally? No!


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