weekly dish {9/8/13}

Second week of school was sooo much better than the first. Finally in the groove. Well, some of the kids anyways. We have a kid in the program who really isn’t supposed to be there and, right now, this kid is putting us through a living hell. Bad behaviors every day, usually more than once. Anyways, I think all the staff are anxiously awaiting our teacher’s return and also the departure of this child, who should be switching to another program soon.
image But aside from work, this week flew by. That’s probably because it was short–Labor Day made it a three-day weekend. And also because after work everyday, I was cleaning the house. It took me probably 6-7 hours to clean the whole house–obviously I haven’t deep-cleaned it in awhile. Why all the cleaning? We had a few of my coworkers and their families over for a BBQ on Friday and one is oddly interested in houses, so I showed it off to them πŸ™‚ Yesterday, my in-laws took us out for dinner. We went to a nearby place none of us have ever been–Beer Barrel Pizza & Grill. I had some tasty buffalo chicken pizza πŸ™‚ Oh, and my nephew played his first game of soccer yesterday–he was so funny! Love him…

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Sunday–After riding in the car for 6+ hours (13 hours in 48 hours), I just wanted to do something active. So I tried running, which was a bad idea because I had a “cold” body. But I went a mile and then walked back πŸ˜•
Monday–P90x Back & Biceps, sanded/stained shelves
Tuesday–Cleaned the house for probably 2.5 hours
Wednesday–Cleaned the house for about 3 hours
Thursday–Cleaned house again for about 3 hours
Friday–P90x Legs & Back
Saturday–Zumba Rush

This week, I registered for a couple of running events in the fall. I’m going to do another colorful 5k, the Color Blaze, in November–with some friends. Hopefully they actually do it this time πŸ™‚ Then I also registered for a half in the city I work, also to take place in November. I feel like I will do better at getting back to my long distance with an actual event to get it in by, though I hope to be back to at least 10-11 miles by the end of September.

This Past Week’s Cooking
I made chili for the first time ever this week. As fall is coming, I’m breaking out the slow cooker for some warm and cozy meals. And Nick likes chili, so I really wanted to try to make it. What came of the recipe was more of a soup than a chili, though it was very tasty anyways. I call it Mexican Soup, because it is of a Mexican cuisine persuasion, and it’s more soup than chili.

On the Menu
Slow cooker recipe of the week: Salsa Chicken. This is supposed to make a sort of chicken taco stuffing. Sounds pretty yummy!!


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