weekly dish {9/1/13}

What a week this has been! School started on Monday and it was just a tad bit hectic (there’s a bit of sarcasm in there). The teacher for our class is out on paternity leave for the first three weeks of school, so we are missing him in the getting-into-routine stuff. We were also basically down two staff–we had a sub for position, but the older subs tend to not be as big a help because our kids can need a little physical redirection. But Thursday and Friday we were finally getting into our groove. The schedules are starting to make a little sense and the kids are settling. One of our kiddos is doing just awesome this week–another kid has been behavioral, which usually sets the other off. But he has been so good and calm and we’re all so proud of him!


The big event of the week was our friend’s wedding yesterday. Friday we headed to Cleveland after work to stay the night at Nick’s best friend’s house (he and his fiancee are our twins, in couple-related aspects 🙂 ). Bright and early Saturday morning, the four of us carpooled about 3.5 hours east into Pennsylvania near State College for our high school friend’s wedding. For possibly the first time ever, I went to a Catholic church that was very air conditioned. The reception was nearby. Our friend’s mom made the cakes (she’s an AMAZING baker) and the bar had a large variety (not a big deal to me, but Nick was grateful).


For my birthday, Nick got me a 13.1 decal for my car and a book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. The book is a “community reads” book for my hometown, Bowling Green. The freshmen at BGSU have to read it and the county library is partnering up with the university for some events. So I’ll go to the presentation by McDougall in October. I started reading the book in the car on our long road trip this weekend and it’s really interesting already (only 30-some pages into it). Can’t wait to read more about the Tarahumara, some Native Mexicans who have this crazy ability to run hundreds of miles without stopping.

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Sunday–Nick and I worked on cleaning up the basement, hauling old drywall out to the garage
Monday–First time I got up early (like, at 5:30am early) to workout before work and it was okay. I didn’t need a whole lot of effort to get up because I prepped myself for it the night before. I did P90x Back & Biceps and Abs. For the first time in months, I did it with the bands instead of using the pull-up bar and I definitely felt a much bigger strain and ability to isolate my back with the bands. Had some local pizza buffet with my family for dinner.
Tuesday–I did P90x Plyo because it was too hot and humid to run. And, it was my 26th birthday.
Wednesday–I had planned to get up early again, but it didn’t happen this day. I just wasn’t feeling it, so I did P90x Chest/Shoulders/Tris and Abs.
Thursday–Blast from the past with my Bollywood dance video. Again, weather for a run just wasn’t good. But this was the first workout video I bought probably 4 years ago, and even if it feels pretty easy now, it’s still a fun change of pace.
Friday–Again, I got up at 5:30am for P90x Legs & Back and Abs. I had to get up early because right after work, Nick and I left for Cleveland. We had California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, which I never had. It was probably the worst pizza I’ve ever had, but I think I might be spoiled in the pizza aspect because my hometown has really great pizza places and this place just tasted so bland and “chain”.
Saturday–I did 30 minutes on a broken elliptical at our friends’ apartment’s gym in the morning before we traversed into Pennsylvania. I let myself indulge in food this day (and today, Sunday), meaning I ate more, but not necessarily worse. I still ate the same food I normally eat, but I didn’t really stop myself. I know there are really no excuses, but I just wanted to let myself eat without worrying about the amount.

Oh, and I signed up for a nearby half on November 9th, the Churchill Half in Perrysburg. I’m really excited, especially because I find it easier to stick to a training plan if I’m actually training for an event.

This Past Week’s Cooking
Sunday, I tried my hand at making french toast. I’ve never made it and I did smoke up much of the house trying to bake it, but it tasted okay. It still tasted like you-tried-to-make-me-healthy-so-I-slightly-taste-of-100%-whole-grain-bread french toast, but with the syrup and butter, it wasn’t too bad. Other than that, I didn’t cook much.

On the Menu
Nick really likes taking chili to work for lunch. But usually he takes a can of Hormel, which is loaded with sodium. And he likes to snack on salty stuff the rest of the day. So I’m going to try my hand at making some chili in the crock pot to make it a little healthier for him. And I might make the homemade beef stew again, because it’s beginning to look like fall and I want some of that comfort food 🙂


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