weekly dish {8/25/13}

wpid-IMAG3254.jpgMy last week of freedom before school starts; or my second week of summer “break”. And it wasn’t even really a whole week. Thursday and Friday I had in-services for school, but those are good days–I get paid, but I don’t have to deal with the students ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really excited to see the kids on Monday, though, even if we will probably be understaffed and it’ll be stressful. I and my old coworkers met our new coworkers on Friday and they seem really nice and I think they’ll fit in really well with our class. As for the beginning of the week, I finally finished painting the future baby room (not pregnant–I just have amazing foresight and love planning). It’s a very nice “Spring Hill” color, at least according to Behr–it’s a pale green ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice and neutral, since we won’t know the sex of the baby, at least the first. Yesterday I went to one of my best friend’s bridal shower–she’s getting married in a little less than a month. (She’s also one of my closer acquaintances who’s pregnant, and, therefore, a contributing factor to my baby fever.) Anyways, the shower was so nice and I’m very excited for her and her prince charming ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re going to have a little gender-reveal cake at the reception and they will be surprised along with everyone else on the sex of their baby–since the timing works out, I thought that was a great way to add another special moment to their big day!! But first comes another friend’s wedding next weekend. Our 6-week-long wedding season of 3 close friends getting married will commence! Oh boy!

On a side note, I watchedย 42: The Jackie Robinson Story and for not liking baseball, I really loved this movie. It’s great.

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Monday–ran 3.57 miles in about 40 minutes (I’d again intended to run another 40-minutes later in the evening, but Nick & I got caught up in house stuff)
Tuesday–P90x Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X–I did the back moves with bands instead of trying to use the pull-up bar this time and I think it worked a lot better; I could feel my back a little sore the next day, which never happens with the bar, meaning I put too much weight on my feet when I use them to help with the bar
Wednesday–ran 4.07 miles in about 50 minutes (not a great run, I was having issues)
Thursday–P90x Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps, Ab Ripper X–I did this early in the morning and it was great! I don’t know why, but I felt I performed better, maybe because I knew breakfast awaited me at the end ๐Ÿ˜›
Friday–ran 8.07 miles in about 1:40–this was my 100th run, according to MMR, and it was amazing; I had a slower pace, but I’ve never felt so good at the end of (and entirely throughout) an 8-mile run
Saturday–P90x Kenpo, Ab Ripper X–I should’ve done Legs & Back, but I’m switching up my schedule and plan to run today, so I did something easier on my legs yesterday (plus my quads are still a bit sore from my Friday run)

I’ve been finding all of my P90x workouts much more pleasurable now that I’ve been viewing them in “Silence & Cues” mode. That means I don’t have to hear all of Tony’s jokes and introductions of the other people over and over and over again. Sometimes Tony makes me laugh, but mostly I’m just tired of hearing the same stuff. So I listen to Pandora and only hear his instructions. Sometimes I even do Ab Ripper without the video at all, since it’s the one that’s easiest to remember the moves and it’s shortest.

This Past Week’s Food
To my knowledge, I didn’t make anything special. Well, I guess I did make some salmon on Monday for dinner. I did whip up some pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli quite a bit (and I intend to have that for lunch as soon as I’m done writing this post). For the first time, I tried some white chicken chili, from a can (Hormel), but it was so good I’m looking for a healthier recipe to make it fresh–canned stuff just has too much sodium in it. I did have some party-platter-sized subs from a local place, Dave’s Cosmic Subs, which were PHENOMENAL! Never had them before, but I think it was the sauces that made the sandwiches. This chicken one I ate had this sort of pesto-y sauce (YUM!) and I actually liked the roast beef one, despite my aversion to deli roast beef (I’m just not a fan of it). Yesterday I tried, for the first time, tortilla soup and it was also amazing! I can’t believe I was ever so against soups. I’m hoping I can find a crock pot recipe for some and whip it up this week.

On the Menu
Well, I know I will be eating out a few times this week already, for family dinners and because we’ll be traveling for a wedding this coming weekend. So I don’t plan on making a whole lot of meals. As I just mentioned, I’m thinking I might make up some sort of crock-pot soup/stew. Or maybe I’ll finally get around to those Mexican Wontons I think I mentioned about a month ago and still have all the stuff to make haha



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