jogging strollers {healthy momma}

Let me just preface this post by stating that I AM NOT PREGNANT. I really wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up or have rumors spreading.

BUT Nick and I do plan on starting our family next year and I think that means it’s perfectly reasonable to start doing some research on how to be a healthy momma. Plus, I have a huge case of baby fever 😀 I admit it. I have friends and family who are having babies, in all stages of pregnancy, and are trying or similarly thinking about trying, so it’s a little hard to not be thinking about babies. (Maybe if it wasn’t so soon for us to start the fever wouldn’t be so adamant, but who really knows!)

Anyways, one of my first thoughts baby-related was jogging strollers. Yeah, I know that I’m not even going to use it for jogging purposes until baby is about 9-12 months old (research told me anywhere from 6-12 months, but that is what every-day women wrote on forums and such, so of course I’ll ask my own doctor when the time comes). And I’m not even pregnant yet! But there’s not much I plan on researching about running while pregnant–I would rather just have that conversation with my doctor because they will know my personal health history and such and everyone is different, so whatever I find online probably isn’t going to be as exact as I’d like.

Okay, back to the jogging strollers. I know they’re expensive. Moreso than regular strollers anyways. But I’m not going to be asking for it in addition to another fancy stroller–this will be used for baby’s everyday stroller (comes with a carseat adapter). I really didn’t have to do a whole lot of research on what to get like I thought I would. I looked at Runner’s World’s article about strollers (Running Stroller Reviews) and I also looked through some forums on where real women also asked what I was wondering: “What jogging stroller is best?” and what real women answered. And the consensus was to get a BOB.

Now, I had no idea what a BOB was, so I Googled “BOB strollers” and was lead to which has strollers and carseats. Also highly recommended by many ladies was specifically the Revolution SE model (pictured). And, after comparing it to a few other brands/models, I did choose that this would be the one for me and my baby 🙂 It’s got lots of storage for when I use it everyday, the back reclines pretty far, the tires are pneumatic (meaning they are inflatable, not solid, to have a better ride), it has an adjustable suspension system, and plenty of accessories (like that carseat adapter) are fairly reasonably priced. Many of the moms on the forums said that it’s not worth what even less-pricey strollers cost for them–if you plan on putting them through the jogging a lot, they’re better for baby and less likely to actually fall apart if you buy a good one from the get go.

Now, I’m not in the know of how much any sort of stroller costs new, but I was figuring $300? (Still no idea if that’s really true, so please let me know haha) Well, this fancy model runs (new and from the original retailer) $450! :O That might seem like a lot, but I’m pretty confident that I could probably register for it somehow and a group would get it for me (just knowing groups of family and groups of family that have bought bigger items for us in the past). But, even if we have to buy it ourselves, it would eventually pay for itself. For one, it’s the only stroller we will get, so it’s only really the difference in price. When baby gets big enough to go on runs with me, it will save us money by having to pay a sitter to watch baby, if Nick is busy (on that new house he wants to build). And, let’s be honest, I run slow, so a sitter could end up being a lot 😛 (Oh, and if you just Google this brand and model, various online services will sell it for $320-360s, so I’m sure this will be a good fit.)


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