weekly dish {8/18/13}

wpid-IMAG3146.jpgThis was my first week of no school since June. I had honestly thought I’d be bored out of my mind. But I actually found it very pleasant. I didn’t get very lazy, I feel, not at least like I have in the past. I got a lot of painting done, which was the priority on my “honey-do” list. I’ve painted 1.5 bedrooms in our house, trim, walls, ceilings, and all. This wasn’t exactly imperative to get done now, but it needed to be done before next year and I have the time to do it now. Plus, I can’t do much else around the house, compared to Nick. I also got to visit a friend, his family, and most importantly, his new baby šŸ™‚ This did not help my baby fever haha Actually, it was another reminder of just how awkward I feel holding new babies, even if I love it. And then, Nick’s parents have also made more final arrangements for a trip to see a Green Bay Packer game this football season. Which is very exciting šŸ˜€ Oh, and we ordered siding today for our garage (which is bigger than some people’s houses). We’re going to do that project in a few weeks! And by we, I mean Nick, his brother, and his father–I will sit in a lawn chair and wait for them to tell me to get them something šŸ™‚

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Monday–bike ride for 6.17 miles
Tuesday–painted for about 7 hours
Wednesday–ran 7.72 miles (90 minutes)
Thursday–P90x Ab Ripper X & Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
Friday–deep-cleaned the house for about 3 hours
Saturday–painted for about 2 hours, washed my car almost an hour
Sunday–bike ride for 12.37 miles

As you can see, most of my working out this week was actually more “practical” activity than actual structured exercising. But I don’t find anything really wrong with it. That just means I’m getting shit done around the house (which Nick can get on my case about sometimes).


This Past Week’s Cooking
For my friends with the new baby, I made a good freezer dish. I made Hamburger Noodle Bake, a recipe I found in Taste of Home’sĀ Freezer Pleasers cookbook. I made some for them and some for us. It’s not a particularly healthy recipe; the only real unhealthy ingredients are a lot of egg noodles and ground beef. I know you can get ground beef in different ratios so there’s less fat, but all I had to make it with was 80/20. And I feel like egg noodles could be substituted for regular noodles.

Oh, I also made some Zucchini Bread, which Nick says tastes pretty normal (I’ve never had it, so I had no comparison).

On the Menu
I finally plan on making up some salmon I got at the store. It’s frozen, which seems awful in comparison to the 30-some fresh salmon Nick’s parents caught while they were in Alaska and had sent home. I don’t really like fish, but theirs looks VERY scrumptious. I also have probably like 12 pounds of zucchini to do something with! Saw a recipe for some zucchini carrot bread, which is intriguing. So I might make that, too!


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