run or dye toledo {8/10/13}


This morning, I awoke early to run my third 5k event: Run or Dye. The first two 5ks I ran were for smaller, local charities or organizations. This was my first big name event. I picked up my “swag” and checked in yesterday. And this morning all I had to do was show up and wait amongst the jumbled masses for the race to start.


A friend was also running, so we found each other. He’s more of a runner than I, but he was a good partner and ran at my (slower) pace. And he was pushing me towards the end because he knew I could beat my best 5k time. Which I did 🙂 For 5k distances, I don’t really pay attention to what is my best time is if it’s not in a race. I run 3 miles practically every time I run, and to check to see the time isn’t as important to me as other stuff. Today’s result was 32:11 with a 10:22 average pace.


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