weekly dish {8/4/13}

First of all, let me say, that I have finally added a page about “my journey” to getting healthier. You should check it out 🙂 (Click the link or the “button” at the top of the page.)

I really don’t know how this week just flew by. All I had going on was work. Nevertheless, I can’t believe it’s been a week since everything I did last weekend. I didn’t do anything of real interest to report on. After school, I just came home. I did paint our laundry room in the basement a couple of days. For outings with the kids at work, we went to one of their pools at home–I’ve never swam in a saltwater pool and it was SO different–and we went to visit the hospital & had lunch at a local Mexican place. Funny how such a boring week went by so fast.

The most exciting part of the week was today, going to the county fair. We used to LIVE at the fair when we were in high school. Pretty much because Nick had animals there for 4H. This is the first year that we have gone just once. And honestly I don’t know if we would’ve gone if I didn’t want that fair food. I will totally admit that the food from the fair is all but healthy. But I get it once a year. And considering how well I treat my body most of the other 364 days, I think it’s okay to let myself have a little something I want, no matter it’s health-factor 🙂

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Monday–I tried to go for a long run, but not even a mile into, I had a huge pain in my stomach, so I quit and walked about 3 miles instead
Tuesday–I was not feeling the P90x vibe, so instead I did some Zumba
Wednesday–I ran 6.59 miles in 80 minutes
Thursday–I again skipped P90x, but this time I didn’t replace it with anything–the first day in about 2 months that I just sat on my ass (and it was nice haha)
Friday–I planned on running 40 minutes twice this day, but that pain came back! I ran 10 minutes until the pain was too intense, then I walked about 20 minutes, then I tried running again and ran for about 40 minutes. WTF?! (The reason I didn’t run a second time was because it kept raining all afternoon)
Saturday–Rode my bike about 12.5 miles, skipping P90x for the third time this week
Sunday–Today, I rode my bike again. It has been a nice break from P90x, but I am beginning to miss it haha

This Past Week’s Cooking

I actually cooked a little this week!! How crazy 🙂 Yesterday morning I tried out this new recipe for Quinoa Pancakes–I wanted to use up the quinoa I had left from earlier in the week and this sounded nice and easy. And yesterday night, I tried this idea I found on Pinterest. It is so simple, I don’t think it really needs its own post, so I’ll just put the recipe here. Take 4 chicken breasts and put in a glass 9×13 pan, surrounded with whatever veggies you want (I used zucchini, yellow squash, and green beans), sprinkle your seasonings of choice on top and then pour half a stick of melted butter on top of that; cover with foil and bake at 350 for an hour. It. Was. Fabulous!

On the Menu
Not sure specifically, but I got lots of stuff at the grocery store yesterday so I can make many different things. I will just surprise you! (I think my having got off work at 2 every day this week awoke the cooking monster in me and that’s why I have such the urge to make stuff!


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