monthly wrap-up {13.7}

July was a pretty productive month. While the picture below doesn’t exactly show a bunch of specifics, it does show how active I was. Let me be clear, unless it says walk, run, bike, program, or P90x it wasn’t a “true workout”. But hey! If I clean the house for 3 hours, I want a little credit 🙂 And I count it. I try very hard to not count something like cleaning or grocery shopping as my workout for the day. (However, I will count working in the garden as a workout–that’s mostly because I’m out there for hours and am weeding like crazy since I let my garden turn into a jungle :?)

july 13

As for a little update on my Summer 2013 Goals, here goes. To remind you, here were the goals I came up with at the beginning of the summer:

–60-second plank w/ perfect posture
–20 REAL pushups
–3 consecutive pull-ups
–do Ab Ripper X perfectly

I am pretty confident that I could do 20 pushups, even though I haven’t done quite that many yet. And I can do Ab Ripper X pretty good. There are still a few of the moves that I can’t quite get the right form on or get the reps in I should. But I’ve made real progress with that.

That being said, I’m as far from doing pull-ups as I ever was. At least that’s how I feel. I use the chair for support when I do them in the P90x workouts. My back IS stronger–I do some of the other back moves with almost 25 pounds, which I could probably never do with any other muscles haha And I have to admit that I haven’t worked on the plank at all. In my defense on that point, I don’t have a mirror in my home “gym” and I really get leery about trying to do a plank when I can’t see if I’m doing it correctly. I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t want to do it continuously with bad form–that’s going to help no one. Any suggestions on how to incorporate some mirrors into a home office/gym setting without permanently attaching them to the wall? 

2013 Beginning Weight: 144.5
July Beginning Weight: 127
July Ending Weight: 125.5
# of Days I Worked Out: 31
# of Days I Was Under Calorie Goal: all (31)


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