cramping my style…literally

Here’s one for ya. Randomly I have started to get some stomach cramps when I run. This has never been a problem, but on Monday I set out for a long run and not even a mile into it, this cramp was a stabbing pain just below my ribs on my right side. At the time I assumed it might have been a breathing issue because I’d just spent about 45 minutes in a poorly ventilated room painting the walls. Wednesday I set out for the same run and I was fine, further proving my thought about the paint fumes. Today I begin a short run, only planned on 40 minutes, and even less mileage in than Monday and that stabbing pain is back. Haven’t painted since Tuesday…

This is not a breathing pain. I know what that is–I’m not new to running and I know how to fix that stitch in my side with altering my breathing or pace. I will say, though, that the pain subsides almost immediately after I quit the higher intensity of running. Like when I don’t breath so heavily, it isn’t present. (So I guess it could be a new sort of breathing issue, but that scares me because there’s not a whole lot that can be wrong with my breathing that isn’t very serious, in my eyes. But with heavier breathing also comes harder stresses on other body parts, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.)

What I’m going to try first is make sure I’m well-hydrated. I have been a bit lax about the water intake this week because it has been so much cooler outside. Yeah, I know, you should hydrate no matter the temperature outside. But I actually crave water when I’m hot, so it makes sense that I might slip up. I know for a fact that today I’d not even had much to drink, let alone water, before my run. Obviously I can’t quite remember my water intake from Monday before I ran, but it probably wasn’t great.

If it turns out that making sure I’ve got the hydration I need isn’t the thing to get ride of that stabbing pain, I will start examining what I’m eating. Thanks to the fact that I use MyFitnessPal to track my eating, it is easy for me to see what I ate before I had a bad run. I would obviously hate it if the pain is caused by a change in my body’s capability to digest something like dairy or gluten. But that’d still be much better than finding out I have some serious internal problem, like an ulcer, tumor, or worse. I don’t think I ate too much too close to my run. I mean, today I had breakfast of oatmeal and english muffin at least 2 hours before I ran…

Maybe my body is just being weird on me. Today’s outing was like this: 0.85 miles of running until the pain was so intense I had to stop, 0.70 miles of walking, then I tried running again and ran 2.65 miles (albeit slowly).

What. The. Heck.


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