i think i might want to run a marathon…

About a month ago, I began contemplating my declaration of “I’ll never run a full marathon–13.1 miles is proof enough to myself that I can do something I never thought I could.” But when I really started to get back into my running after about 1-2 months of varying interest and motivation, I started to remember how much I like running. It makes me feel so great, usually when I’m just starting or just finished. Let’s be honest, after about 60 minutes of running, I don’t feel so great 🙂 I’ve seriously started to muse over the idea of my running a full marathon someday. The half marathon that I ran in April is proof enough to myself that I can pretty much never say never again. NEVER in high school (about 7-10 years ago) would I have thought I’d pick up running. NEVER when I started to do more exercise and eat better did I think I’d be an avid runner. NEVER when I actually started running did I think I’d be able to run more than 5 miles, let alone 13! But all of those nevers have become possibilities. Though I know to never say never now, I still feel that way when it comes to every mile past 13.1, especially 20 miles. But I think that is motivating enough to try.

I’m not saying I will run the Glass City Marathon next April–I do plan on its Owens Corning Half Marathon counterpart. (I’ll be honest and say that the reason I don’t feel I can do a full in the spring is because Nick and I plan on starting our family in 2014 and who knows what will happen there–I could probably run the half pregnant, if that’s how it ends up, but my body couldn’t handle a full under the same circumstances.) So my more long-term goal is to run the 2015 Glass City Marathon. My super-duper-long-term goal is to run a Boston qualifying time. That is many years off, I’m sure, because we all know I’m okay pushing myself farther, not faster. I don’t hope to run the Boston Marathon per se, just get a qualifying time. (After I’ve hit that age peak, my time can actually be slower to qualify–you don’t have to run the same time at 45 as you do at 25, for example.)

But for right now, I’m just getting back to my half marathon distance. I found 6 miles pretty easy, so that’s good. Tomorrow’s goal is about 7 miles (I’m actually going strictly by minutes right now, so I’ll run 80). It will be so much easier to run at least 10 miles once a week than to wait and re-train for the half in the late winter/early spring.

Never say never and wish me luck!


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