home-made & healthy ::: seasoned potato wedges


One of the moms at work recently gifted the staff a recipe and some seasonings from Tastefully Simple, the All Natural Seasoned Salt and the Spinach & Herb Dipping Mix. Her recipe was for potato wedges, though she mentioned that it is very yummy on other veggies, like zucchi, squash and broccoli. So I tried it out, using regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. They were both great!! I did like the regular white potatoes better, but I think that was because my sweet potato wedges were a little uncooked yet so I couldn’t get past the texture đŸ˜• I highly recommend this for even homemade french fries.

The recipe is super simple. Just cut your potato in whatever fashion you like, I prefer french fries. Coat with olive oil, I usually just spray them with cooking spray to get less oil in there. Sprinkle both mixes over the potatoes, turning over and repeating if necessary. I put mind on a cooling rack on a cookie sheet so they bake evenly and quicker. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Enjoy!!!


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