weekly dish {7/22/13}

This will be short and sweet. And a day late…

Big things from last week were a trip to the zoo with the kids at school. It was fun, but the adults were annoying–it was a heat index of about 100 and all adults were complaining about the heat, probably myself included. Saturday I went to my cousin’s diaper party, which was also happening for her very pregnant sister-in-law. It was pretty fun 🙂 And I got great pizza that we can only get when we visit the Dayton area, Marion’s. Sunday was an extended family lunch, with aunts, uncles, and cousins, and my grandma. My nephew and pregnant cousin’s daughter are nearly the same age and it was fun to see them play together.

For food, I had pizza twice this week, Pisanellos is local to northwest Ohio and Marion’s as I mentioned. I love pizza. Did my normal workouts, though I skipped P90x on Thursday–the zoo was exhausting.

Since this is a post I’m writing on my phone, I don’t think these pictures will do a slideshow, but maybe I can change that later. Here they are anyways…









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