weekly dish {7/14/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgIt was a little hard to go back to work after having a 4-day weekend, especially because it’s summer. But then it kept raining and I wasn’t so sad anymore. We had our school outings on Tuesday and Thursday, as usual, and luckily the weather was good for both. We’ve been having lots of rain the past month or so and finally on Wednesday came the finale to that bout of rain. Except the finale was so grand that it proved mother nature couldn’t go out without a bang. Literally–a windstorm accompanied a bit of rain Wednesday around 3pm and it seriously came out of nowhere. My car was shaking from the solid splash of rain that was being pushed over 65 mph at the side of my car–driving to the closest safe place was a 5-minute drive to my parents’ house, during which I saw large tree branches crashing to the ground and scraps of metal flying 10 feet in front of my car (that’s about as far ahead as I could see, 10 feet). Needless to say, my hands were shaking for at least 30 minutes after I got to safety (I had a hard time unlocking the door). Afterwards, I drove home and the small town I have to drive through before I reach my house seriously looked like a real tornado had hit. I never heard any tornados formed or touched down, but still, straight-winds of 60-80 mph in an area that is surrounded by miles of flat farmland can leave a lot of damage. No houses or cars were overturned or anything like that, but there were hundreds of trees that got knocked over or limbs were broken out. Here’s some pictures of our tree damage, though we’re lucky nothing landed on the house:


Both of our neighbors had trees down, and they were lucky, too, that their houses weren’t damaged. That last picture is of the corn field across the street in which the corn is probably 30-degrees to the ground. Lots of the corn around was damaged, including my father-in-law’s, but I’m not sure how extensively (I’m not a farmer myself lol). This storm was pretty much the topic of conversation for the past few days. And the topic of some of my workouts this week. Since the storm was so early in the day, I had plenty of time to pick up sticks in the yard and drag the limbs to the fire pit. Got to help Nick cut down some broken limbs that were still hanging out in the trees. On the bright side, the weather has been great since the storm. Friday I went to the new city pool with a friend–I used to go there a lot in the summers growing up and it really is much cooler now. We floated around the lazy river on tubes for probably 2 hours 🙂

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Monday–4.13-mile run, which was utterly awful due to humidity of 81% in 80-degrees–my splits show that from my first mile to the last 0.13 I lost about 3 minutes in my pace! At this very moment, I’m reading through a RW article on how to run in high humidity and heat: Marathon Training in the Heat and Humidity (and no, I’m not training for a marathon, but it’s still relevant)
Tuesday–Ab Ripper X and Chest/Shoulders/Tris, in which I did abs first because that way I can’t excuse it away that I’m “too tired” at the end of the other workout 🙂 I had Pizza Hut for our school outing lunch, but notice my carrots!!
Wednesday–picked up sticks and limbs for about 1.5 hours
Thursday–went for a quick walk, 1.5 miles, around a park between eating dinner of Subway (our power was out) and helping a friend cut down a tree that had fallen in the storm in her mom’s driveway
Friday–run 3.53 miles, in much less humidity (felt “normal” so I guess 68% humidity is normal around here), and without trying I came within 20 seconds of my fastest mile time, which I really tried for, so that makes me happy 🙂 Also did more yardwork with the downed limbs for about half an hour in the evening
Saturday–Ab Ripper X and Legs & Back, during which I kinda gave up on the pull-ups in the last half (no excuses, I really didn’t do them because I’m lazy and because I don’t like it when Nick can see me attempt my pull-ups, which he could at that time
Sunday (today)–I should’ve done a P90x cardio workout, but instead I finally gave in to Nick and started to tend the jungle growing in my garden. I honestly planted stuff and never took care of it–but through that, I have some beans anyways haha Anyways, it took me about 2 hours to pull nearly all the tall weeds (lots of thistles, good thing Nick had leather gloves) and another hour of taking the hoe to about a quarter of it. Not happy I have to keep working on it, but that’s just because of the mosquitos–gotta have about 20 new bites just from those three hours earlier…Oh and the picture of my legs is really to show you how hot I was–my shins were sweating through my jeans lol

On another workout-related note, it’s been about 2 months since I started P90x every-other day. And I never did post another picture of me the last time I updated on my progress. So here it is. I think my arms look a bit more toned, but my stomach definitely looks different. If nothing else, my navel has traveled about an inch higher on my torso, which I can only assume is because that Ab Ripper is doing it’s job and tightening my core. I didn’t think there was that big of a difference just looking at myself, but seeing the pictures right next to each other does show a difference (thank goodness I took the before picture!!)


This Past Week’s Cooking
Well, you’ll notice that every day this week but one I’ve had carrots and ranch at some point or other. This doesn’t surprise me. When I started eating more veggies, I think I was eating steamed broccoli every day. So when I find a new veggie I like, I eat it a lot apparently. I only give myself one tablespoon of ranch for every serving of carrots, though. I don’t like carrots completely plain, but I’m sure I could work on that. So a bit of ranch is, I think okay. Though I still won’t put it on salads–I don’t like dressing on salad, makes it seem soggy 😕 Other than that, we ate the Mexican Pot Pie and Kung Pao Chicken I made on Sunday throughout the week. We were without power from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday night. Oh, something new I tried today was granola in my yogurt. I got the Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola and it is really good on vanilla Greek yogurt 🙂 Add some strawberries to the mix and it’d be just as good as those desserts I don’t eat anymore 🙂

On the Menu
I’m looking for something to do with this huge zucchini my mother-in-law gave me. Perhaps a lasagna or mini pizzas? Or just roasted? I know you’re going to think I’m crazy if I make it again, but I have an idea of something to do with that Kung Pao Chicken–but I have work at the daycare again this week after work at school, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to make it in the evening. Well, that’s just an excuse. I know it keeps well in the fridge. So I’m going to make it! Please someone hold me to it!!


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