home-made & healthy {13} mexican pot pie


About a week ago, I first made a sort of Mexican calzone, where you fill refrigerated biscuit dough with Mexican-seasoned meat and other components of Mexican food. They were so good, that I decided to go with what I thought was an easier approach, and entire pot pie of Mexican goodness. I made the first “calzones”, some with black beans and some with salsa (because I didn’t have enough beans for them all). This pie has the black beans. This is very easy to make. And it reheats wonderfully, so it can be an easy make-ahead meal. I even feel like you could put it together and let it sit a day or two in the fridge before making it fresh (though I’d wait to put the top layer of biscuits because after they’re out of that tube, they tend to toughen up and shrink a little). Anyways, here goes…

—-1.5 cans refrigerated crescent rolls (you could opt for regular biscuits, but I think the buttery flavor adds to the dish so I’d be hesitant to use the pizza crust, even if it’d be easiest due to the fact that it’s already a big sheet)
—-1 lb taco-seasoned meat, already made (I use chicken, but ground beef/turkey/pork would be good, too)
—-1 cup frozen corn
—-1 cup black beans (you can substitute this for salsa, but it will taste different (and not a bad different)–I haven’t tried it with them both, so I can’t recommend that personally)
—-1/2 to 1 cup shredded cheese of your choice (Mexican blend, perhaps? or shredded queso??)

1. Preheat the oven to the temperature on the biscuit instructions.
2. Spread a layer of biscuits over the bottom and sides of a pie plate.
3. Layer in the taco meat, corn, beans/salsa, and cheese (no specific order, or just mix it all together and put it in).
4. As best you can, cover the filling with a layer of biscuits. (This is the hardest step of the recipe)
5. Bake for as long as the recommended time for the biscuits (whenever the top looks done, take it out! Anything dangerous is pre-cooked, so you just need to get the biscuits baked).

I will say one thing. This pot pie isn’t creamy like a chicken pot pie might be, because there’s no type of broth or sauce in it. Any creaminess comes from the cheese. I don’t want you to think it’s dry–it isn’t! But I just wanted to warn ya 🙂


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