weekly dish {7/7/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgI have been very busy this week. At least in comparison to the past few weeks. In addition to work at school, I helped out at the daycare where I used to work for a couple hours a day. I’m not used to working 8-5:30 and I have to admit, I’m glad that I don’t usually have to (and grateful that I never have had to). We had a cookout with my family on Wednesday evening, after which we watched our local fireworks show. Thursday, I ran a few errands and we went to a friend’s cookout–met her new boyfriend, who is really cool. Friday, I had a relaxing morning–but then I went to the daycare (no school on summer Fridays) for a few hours, only to get home just in time to shower before our friends who from Cleveland came to stay the night with us on their way to Michigan–we went out for dinner and froyo 🙂 Yesterday turned out alright–stayed at home all day. We were going to go to yet another cookout, but it was raining so hard and very inconsistently, we just stayed home. Today I did the dishes while I watched the Wimbledon Men’s Final pre-game and actual game on ESPN. I like to play tennis, but not competitively (I would put in the same effort, but I don’t care about score) and am interested in professional tennis about two weeks out of the year 🙂 (That’s Wimbledon, FYI…) But after that, we went to the in-laws for another cookout! I’m hamburger-ed out!! I think it’s plain to see why I ate so many salads this week–I went light on the lunch because I knew dinner would be heavy. Plus, I eat the lettuce so I can have the croutons, gotta be honest. While I think this all seems like a heck of a lot of stuff, I guess it’s nothing compared to one of my friends who got engaged last weekend and is planning a wedding for mid-September! I’m happy for her, but I think she’s crazy 🙂

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last Sunday–P90x Legs & Back and Ab Ripper; salad #1 after a hearty lunch at Carrabba’s for my father-in-law’s birthday
Monday–2 mile run (I’d planned on going about 5 miles, but my legs were sore from Legs & Back, amongst other excuses, so I cut it short, but kicked up my pace, ending with a 10:30m/m avg, good for me!); salad #2, I think motivated purely by my love of the croutons
Tuesday–first time doing P90x Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps and Ab Ripper; salad #3, again, for the croutons, and my Carrabba’s leftovers for one meal
Wednesday–3.5 mile run in town between work at the daycare and the family cookout (I wouldn’t let anything keep me from my schedule of running!! at least that day…); no salad 🙂
Thursday–I didn’t take pictures! But what’s up there are the goodies I made throughout the weekend for celebrations, pretty much all of which I didn’t eat because of the marshmallows or brownies aspect haha I did P90x Plyo this day though
Friday–20 mile bike ride, to and from the daycare; salad #4, because of yummy but unhealthier food when we were out to eat
Saturday–P90x Back & Biceps (first time) and Ab Ripper; salad #5, for the croutons
this Sunday–I was “supposed” to do P90x Yoga, but I hate it, so I switched it out for a Zumba DVD (Activate); last cookout of the holiday and leftovers from Friday (and I’d hardly call that iceberg lettuce on my lunch plate a salad–I really don’t like iceberg…)

As you can see, I had many salads and many burgers. I didn’t really have the time or need to make much else.

I’ve already made more Kung Pao Chicken to eat this week. I still need to make some quinoa to eat it with. And I made up that Mexican Pot Pie I was talking about, though I haven’t had it yet. I’ll post that recipe once I try the larger form of what I told you about last week, that calzone-ish thing. I also bought some salmon at the store the other day. Not sure what to do with it. But I think that since I’ve started giving veggies another try, I should do the same with some other healthy food. And Nick loves seafood. I had salmon a couple years ago and actually just barely enjoyed it, but it was fresh when we were in Alaska…Anyways, bring on the recipes for salmon for the seafood-sceptic.


2 thoughts on “weekly dish {7/7/13}

  1. I ain’t crazy 😉 Just ready to be married! lol

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