weekly dish {6/30/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgIt was sad to have to go back to work on Monday. My long weekend at the cottage wasn’t really a vacation, considering I didn’t even have to miss any work for it. (And I can’t really complain about that–I just had over 10 days of no work before three days of work and then my trip to the cottage.) Anyways, this week was easy enough. Two of my four days of work were outing days, so we went swimming and to Max and Erma’s one day and playing at the park all day the other. Even the two days we went to school normally were easy because we were overstaffed due to volunteers and missing a kid. Aside from work, I honestly didn’t do anything–besides working out and chilling at home. I spent hours Friday–a day I don’t normally have work in summer–cleaning the house. Yesterday, Nick and I put up some drywall in the basement–and I read all of The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors. Today we will probably celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday by going out to eat lunch at the only restaurant we ever seem to go with them (a local Mexican place). I just remembered, I DID do something this week–I finished Season 6 of The Office on DVD (exciting, right?)

I feel like this past week I’ve slacked off quite a bit as far as exercising goes. Pretty sure that has to do with July starting tomorrow–a new month to start doing awesome stuff, so who cares about the end of June? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still worked out this week, but I feel I’ve half-assed it. Monday & Wednesday I went for walks on the trail–not runs, walks. (I was just lazy, honestly, that’s why I didn’t run.) Tuesday I did P90x Plyo, as I was supposed to, but I skipped out on the Abs 😦 Also on Tuesday, I swam for a bit with the kiddos on our outing. Thursday, I was exhausted by at least 4 hours of constant, but easy movement as we played in the park all day, that I didn’t do P90x like I should’ve. I did P90x Shoulders & Arms on Friday instead–and again skipped on the Abs because I was starving (I started the workout at dinner time lol) Yesterday, I did P90x Kenpo and skipped Abs for the 3rd time this week!! I’m very annoyed with myself about that now…Today I will do Chest & Back and I think maybe I’ll start with Abs instead of doing it last, just to make sure I actually do it.

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wpid842-wpid-imag2407-1.jpgI’m very proud of myself for actually trying two new recipes this week!! I hadn’t planned on them, so maybe that’s why I actually did them. Friday at the grocery store, I just happened to see that, like taco seasoning, some sauces for Chinese dishes also come in a little pouch. Kikkoman’s Kung Pao Chicken sauce caught my eye and I knew it’d be a great way to get in some veggies. So I added celery to my shopping list–the only ingredient I wouldn’t have had–and it was phenomenal!! This was my second time ever having Chinese food (yeah, I’m weird, whatever) and the first time I’d ever made it at home. (I’ll post the recipe soon!)


And yesterday morning I discovered this Mexican calzone-type thing on Pinterest. It was basically chicken with taco seasoning and cheese wrapped in refrigerated biscuit dough and baked. I added a few extra ingredients and Nick and I loved them! I’m already planning on making it in a larger form–a Mexican Pot Pie of sorts–this week so I can incorporate even more of those extras I added. (Again, recipe soon!!)

No real plans, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something!!


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