p90x progress

I started doing P90x in mid-May. I’m not doing it 100%, I am not following the diet part of the program, I am not doing it 6 days a week. I am eating probably the healthiest I’ve ever done in my life. But I am doing the program 4 days a week, usually Ab Ripper every day, since it’s recommended you do it every other day and that’s as often as I do the other exercises.

So it’s been at least a month and a half  since I started. I figure that’s probably about 30 days worth of the program. And I thought it’d make sense to post an update. I’m not about to list what progress I’ve made on every little move in the program. Rather what I feel are the BIGGEST improvements I’ve made.

As far as this workout goes, I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress on the pull-ups aspect. My push-ups, however, are going well–for standard push-ups, I can do 15 continually. It’s weird, when I do them, I feel like the wide ones are easier, but my numbers for the standard are better (12 for the wide).  I honestly think my pull-ups haven’t gotten better at all, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m really excited that I have increased my load for certain shoulder and back moves from 10 lbs to 17.5-22.5 lbs. Considering Nick uses barely twice as much and is probably actually 3x stronger than I am, I find that pretty good. Many of my bicep moves I use 15 (and I started at 10). My triceps have, unfortunately, not really changed in payload–still about 10 lbs. But I can actually flex and feel my triceps, which I never could before, so that’s amazing 🙂

It’s hard to say what progress I’ve made with my legs because, from running, they were already pretty strong. So I can’t see a big difference, and since I don’t really have a way to quantify anything from the workouts, there’s not a strong result. I will say that my Jump Knee Tuck has gotten much better–my feet actually touch my ass while I’m in the air.

Ab Ripper has become much easier–I can do all the moves, with my arms where they are supposed to be. Those V-Ups kill me though–I get about half the amount I’m supposed to, as the video goes. And the oblique V-ups are tough, but I do okay. I’m getting pretty good at the Kenpo workout, but Plyo will never get real easy–but it’s better.


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