weekly dish {6/23/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgThis week was pretty busy. I finally went back to work after a short break and it was actually sort of exhausting. Two of the three days of work were outing days, which isn’t only physically draining, but mentally. Constantly making sure the kids are where they were a few seconds before wears on you, I find. But the days are fun while they’re ongoing. For the past few days, Nick and I have been up at my family’s cottage on a small inland lake in Michigan. It is my favorite place on earth. I’ve been up there probably every summer, save one or two, in my lifetime. Anyways, we got home a couple of hours ago and while I’m sad to be home and that I have to go to work tomorrow, I am glad that I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight, without a decades old mattress and a bar right through my back (our cottage is a little dated in a few respects haha)

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MONDAY–did Kenpo X and cleaned the gutters (I was actually a little sad that it only took me an hour to clean them out); my lunch was leftover salad from Outback, where we took my father-in-law for Father’s Day, and was super yummy
TUESDAY–went for a leisurely swim while at the pool for our school outing and a 4-mile run; I forgot to take a pic of my lunch; and I had froyo from a place I haven’t been to, also with the school kiddos
WEDNESDAY–P90x Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X
THURSDAY–my workout was the bowling outing for school (it was surprisingly hard to keep two kids with special needs from doing their own thing at a bowling alley haha)
FRIDAY–6-mile kayak journey around the perimeter of the lake (I hadn’t planned on going the whole thing, but I had planned on staying out for 2 hours, which was exactly what I needed to go around completely) and a leisurely swim with family
SATURDAY–2-mile paddleboat ride, leisurely swim, and a 1.6 mile run; dinner was AMAZING! We went to a tavern and I get what I eat every year–fried chicken breast & french fries with nacho cheese sauce and coleslaw–which did give me some GI stress when I tried to run an hour later (unhealthiest food I’ve had in months)
SUNDAY (today)–3-mile kayak this morning before we left to come home


This week I’ll be back to my P90x and probably more often than I’d planned. It’s supposed to be a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday thing. But the weather might be stormy and/or very hot, so I might not run as often as I’d like to. It all depends!


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