weekly dish {6/16/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpg I’ve been pretty bored this past week. I had no work at all, so I was pretty much left to my own devices. The house has been pretty clean and I think I did the dishes every single day–I usually do them every few days. Thursday was my first day of real human contact outside of Nick all week. We went out to dinner with the staff in my classroom. It felt like it was so much longer than a week since I’d seen them at work. Friday, Nick and I attended a zoo event which his work paid for because they sponsored the event. So we both got to hang with each others’ coworkers, which is nice.

And yesterday one of our friends got married. One of our groups of friends from high school was all there and they are a blast at events like this. And I think it had to be one of the fancier receptions we’ve been to, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a great party haha We’re so happy for him–both of them!

So I think I might have found a a fun new way to tell you about my workouts and what I’ve been eating. I’m sure lots of people know about the smarphone apps which you can use to make little collages of photos, like PicStitch or InstaPicFrame (the one I use). I sort of discovered it this week and thought it’d be cool to have that photo of accountability to share with people. So I’ve been doing it for the past few days–there are shots of what I eat and what I do as a workout. Instead of posting each picture individually, I hope I can just put those pictures in their own slideshow and add some commentary at the end. The idea didn’t come to me until Wednesday, but luckily I’d taken a couple pictures Tuesday. Let’s see if it works:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday–rode my bike the length of the trail, and a little extra, for a total trip of about 32 miles; also did P90x Kenpo
Wednesday–went for a 3-mile walk; did P90x Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X; this was the first day I tried oatmeal and rice cakes (which I spread with PB or Laughing Cow cheese)
Thursday–P90x Plyo, which kicked my ass! I swear it gets harder every time I do it, which I hope means I’m trying harder; I tried fresh nectarines for the first time; had a great Hawaiian-ish salad out at dinner; treated myself to some frozen yogurt (new flavor=cheesecake!!)
Friday–P90x Shoulders & Arms; walked around the zoo at the event, maybe 1.5 miles total
Saturday–P90x Ab Ripper X and about 20 mins of Yoga X (it bores me); first time trying shredded wheat cereal, not a big fan, but it’s okay; AMAZING dinner at the wedding reception–those mashed potatoes were phenomenal, with some onions and peppers mixed in it!

I feel like I’m coming up with new concoctions of food, but not really making anything recipe-specific. This would’ve been the perfect time to do it, too, because I had the whole week off, so I could spend lots of time making food. Maybe I should just realize that I might not be a dedicated cook, so I just eat random things mixed together. Not a horrible thing, since I’ve probably never eaten healthier in my life!

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