swinging my arms whilst running

While I was running the half marathon at the end of April, there were photographers around taking pictures of everyone. When I looked at my pictures, my worst fear had been proven true–I run like a tyrannosaurus rex. I always felt a little funny about my arms when I ran. I keep them very close to my body, but higher then normal people do. I’m pretty sure I could easily punch myself in the jaw whilst running, if I wanted to. I mean, just look at this picture!!


Needless to say, as I’m getting back into the running after taking off the month of May, I’m focusing on keeping my arms down and at a 90 degree angle. The whole thing just reminds me of a Seinfeld episode (season 7, Summer of George), in which a character doesn’t swing her arms when she walks–they just hang down by her sides. So she eventually gets some physical therapy to help her swing her arms. I love Seinfeld, and Molly Shannon in that episode is just hilarious 🙂


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