weekly dish {6/9/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgMy weekend was very busy, though the week prior to was pretty relaxing. It was a short work week–school ended on Wednesday. Monday was a typical day, but Tuesday we had our last outing–walking around downtown (which is really just a few blocks of three-story buildings). We had Pizza Hut as well. I haven’t had it in years probably and, while I know it’s unhealthy, it tasted so good 🙂 And Wednesday we spent a good part of the day outside at recess. So Thursday and Friday, I spent at home cleaning the house for our weekend guests. Then Saturday arrived. Our friend K was in town from PA for her bridal shower. Since she was coming to town, we also had her bachelorette party in the evening, too. The shower was small and lovely–Mexican food from a nearby restaurant. I was in charge of the punch. And while it was full of sugar, it tasted really good–it got lots of compliments. For the party, everyone met up at our house (we were the sleeping spot for anyone who wanted). We carpooled to the lake, about an hour away, for dinner and tasting at a winery. Then we just sort of went everywhere. Because I only had good control over one of my meals yesterday, it was the only time I failed to get in all of the food groups–I missed 1.5 servings of veggies. But there really wasn’t the opportunity for much more than that.


image                 image

As for exercise, I did good this week. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I went running. It will never cease to amaze me just how improperly I prep for morning runs, which I did Saturday. You’d think I’d remember I need to eat a slightly different breakfast and make sure I drink water. Tuesday and Thursday I did P90x. Today I did Zumba, just to shake things up a little (figuratively and literally haha) Friday I’d spent pretty much the whole day on my feet cleaning and I just did not feel like doing anything else, not that I had much time anyways. I will probably be doing double workouts this week. I have absolutely NOTHING to do! Our summer program for school starts the 18th, so I have a week and a day of no work. And considering I just deep cleaned the house for our guests, I don’t even have that much to do. I should work in the garden some. I sort of planted some stuff and never went back 😦 It needs so major weeding. So I might do P90x every day in the morning and something like running, gardening, or biking in the afternoon/evening. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

This Past Week’s Cooking
I didn’t really cook anything this week. Just mixed things together. I’ve really liked steaming the frozen mixed vegetables I’ve got at the store. I’ll even eat a small bowl as a snack. I’m missing peanut butter. There’s nothing keeping me from eating it, but it just doesn’t really go with veggies, so I feel like I don’t have the opportunity to eat it. Yesterday at the winery, I ordered a pizza to share with a friend–it was fantastic!! Banana peppers are a fabulous topping for pizza (and sausage and mushrooms). We had a really big breakfast this morning–a friend’s mom made us her famous breakfast casserole which is full of eggs, sausage, bread, and cheese.

On the Menu
I know I’ve become very lame in this respect. And I really don’t see an end to that lame-ness. I’m finding it’s easier to just mix those vegetables I have to TRY to get in my diet with foods it’ll taste good with, so there’s not a lot of recipes. Just cooking things that go well with the veggies I have on hand. But maybe since I have so much free time this week, I’ll actually try to do something. Just don’t know what, yet…


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