monthly wrap-up {13.5}


Recipes Tried


In addition to this, I began eating salads–or at least trying salads. I also tried some vegetarian burgers & chicken patties. I discovered the awesomeness of steamed veggies, like broccoli, peas, & carrots.


Exercising & Health


I tried vegetarianism and veganism for a short while. All in all, there were three weeks when I didn’t have meat. I didn’t find it that hard, but it was not all that pleasurable. I find that I would rather eat veggies with meat than just veggies. So for the last week of May, I started eating the minimum recommended servings of the food groups according to the USDA–2-3 dairy, 2-4 fruit, 3-5 veggies, 6-12 oz grain, 45-80g protein.

Where exercise is concerned, I pretty much didn’t run at all in May 😕 I think I went 3-4 times–that was probably due to my iffy knee. But I did run a 5K for a local nonprofit organization that a good friend of mine helped set up. But I have been doing p90x for a few weeks. I’m just starting the 3rd week of the program, though I only do it every other day. But I have seen some results, strength-wise. I don’t think you’d really see it to just look at me.




  • 2013 Beginning Weight: 144.5
  • May Beginning Weight: 132.5
  • May Ending Weight: 127.5
  • # of Days I Worked Out: 2
  • # of Days I Was Under Calorie Goal: 31 (2 of which was after my exercise)


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