weekly dish {6/2/13}


This was a nice short work week. Nick and I both had Monday off for Memorial Day. I had every intention of going to the local parade, but it was cancelled because of rain. I’m pretty sure that last year it was also raining on Memorial Day. Anyways, we spent some time doing the drywall thing in the basement. Work was good this week. It went by rather quickly, which is good because we all want summer to be here! We only have three days of school this week πŸ™‚ I’m just very excited that June is here. There are lots of good things on my calendar for this month, so YAY!!! We had a couple of graduation parties this weekend. We graduated high school 7 years ago, but we’re family friends with some that are just graduating. It was hard to resist that cake–it looked so good! But I did πŸ™‚

This was my last week at the gym for the summer. I don’t have the time to do the classes I like and it doesn’t make sense to pay to use the gym when I can easily exercise outside–running, biking, gardening, kayaking (when I’m at the lake). But anyways, I did step on Wednesday–and I moved the step as far up as I could. It was tough, but a great workout. I did P90x Plyo last Sunday (not sure if I mentioned that in my Weekly Dish last week), Shoulders & Arms & Ab Ripper on Monday; 30 minutes of Yoga X Tuesday; Legs & Back & Ab Ripper on Thursday; and Kenpo X yesterday. That’s a heck of a lot of P90X!! I haven’t gone running in awhile. It’s been really hot and muggy with a high chance of rain, if not real rain, most of the week. I haven’t ran since that 5K a couple weeks ago. But fear not, running is my exercise plan for tomorrow πŸ™‚ I think my knee has rested enough and I have my knee strap besides.

This Past Week’s Cooking
Not only did my diet change immensely this past week, but I just winged a lot of what I ate. I made one of the two recipes I mentioned last week: Italian-Style Mac & Cheese with Chicken Sausage. I didn’t write up a post on it, but it tastes pretty good. Though I have to admit, it’s not really worth the effort. I mean, let’s be honest. Mac & cheese is mac & cheese. There isn’t really a big difference, except for between boxed, frozen, and homemade (honestly I LOOOVE Stouffer’s frozen mac & cheese). Oh, since I’m talking about mac & cheese, Nick’s mom puts sugar in it–SUGAR!!! Who does that?! I don’t like her mac & cheese–it tastes funny, because of the sugar.

I discovered that many veggies I wouldn’t like raw I really enjoy steamed: broccoli, asparagus, carrots, peas (I’ve never tried raw peas, though). So I had a lot of random food with steamed veggies added in. For the most part, I just made a modge podge of stuff. I made boxed mac & cheese as well and added broccoli & chicken sausage to it. Then I added steamed peas to the aforementioned Italian-Style Mac & Cheese. And I finally tried quinoa for the first time ever. It’s a nice grain to add to almost anything, as it doesn’t have a taste to counter any others. I had quinoa with asparagus, carrots & ham and quinoa with peas & broccoli & ham. I plan to look into some dishes to actually cook with it. A friend recommended I boil the quinoa in broth to add flavor to it, which I’ll have to do.

On the Menu
I’m not planning on using any specific recipes this week. I’m still getting into the swing of things on this whole eating-the-recommended-amount-of-servings-of-the-food-groups-according-to-the-USDA thing. I have succeeded since Monday on getting at least the minimum for all groups.Β It is harder than I thought it’d be–I find myself lacking on the grains of all things (I love bread). So I’m going to keep trying to get this stuff in and see what I can come up with on my own.


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