weekly dish {5/26/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgEven though I will be working in an extended school year program over the summer, I’m really looking forward to school being over. There are only 7 school days left–10 days total 😀 I’m really looking forward to the summer program–other staff say that it is so fun, which I can imagine because we go on outings every other day. And there are only 25 days til I get to go to my favorite place in the world, Big Bass Lake 🙂

But that is all besides the point. This week was very nice. I stayed home Wednesday so someone could come out and fix our garage door. But the other four days of work were still good. The kids–and staff–are getting antsy for the aforementioned summer program. I went shopping with a friend this week and got a couple of cute summery dresses. I had to spend some of my “allowance” in advance because I didn’t feel like waiting until my birthday, which is at the end of the summer, to get money or giftcards to buy them. But I have some weddings and showers to attend and wanted (no, I didn’t NEED) a couple new dresses. Nick was quick to point out that one dress is the exact same color as two dresses I already have. But one is a pretty formal dress and the other very casual (maxi), so this is a nice middle-man. Anyways, Nick and I have been working in the basement this week and weekend, getting drywall up in the laundry room. It is all up and this morning he was mudding and taping–I did a quick electrical job, but that’s all I had to do today.

I’ve been pretty good with P90x this week. I did Legs & Back last Sunday after I posted, and I did Kenpo, Chest & Back, and Plyo also. I have noticed that the push-ups are getting a tad easier. And the other day, Nick enjoyed poking fun of my excitement over being able to feel my triceps, which are starting to get stronger. I can only find them by flexing, but that is totally okay. I don’t exactly want to end up looking like a bunch of muscles when I’m just standing there, which I realize is still a long way off. I also did “fitball” and step at the gym this week. Except for May 3rd, I’ve exercised or done some physical work (yeah, I count cleaning my house for 4 straight hours as physical work/exercise) EVERY SINGLE DAY this month! I mean, I usually do exercise fairly regularly, but I don’t think I’ve been this consistent in a while. Probably because I was running most of the time and didn’t want to do that every day, to give my legs and knees a break.

This Past Week’s Cooking
As you might have gathered from last couple of posts, I haven’t actually cooked this past week. I was just trying new stuff that was vegan. I do feel a little like I gave up on the vegan thing, but it really didn’t make sense to continue when my eating was probably less healthy or well-rounded than it had been before what I thought was going be healthier.

On the Menu
I have a few meals planned for the week. One is a Food Network recipe for Primavera with Proscuitto, Asparagus, and Carrots. Another is Italian-Style Mac & Cheese with Chicken Sausage, courtesy of Nestle. And the last is Spinach & Cheese Lasagna Roll-Ups. That doesn’t really have a recipe, exactly. I’m just mixing up a cheese mixture from a stuffed shells recipe, putting it on lasagna sheets with spinach, rolling them up, and baking after covering with spaghetti sauce–sort of winging it, but I’ll let ya know how it is. I’m also going to steam some veggies–broccoli, asparagus, snap peas, maybe even carrots. Those will go in these various recipes or just hang around for me to add to a random dish I might decide to make later. If I crave regular boxed mac & cheese like I was before I let myself have cheese again, maybe I’ll make it and add in the broccoli. Perhaps I will cook that quinoa I bought last week and use the veggies in that. Plain and simple, I don’t like raw veggies–but steaming them makes them better. I think it gives them more flavor and makes them softer, which I like texture-wise. Regardless, I’ll be sure to update on what I’m making throughout the week 🙂

Primavera w/ Proscuitto, Asparagus, & Carrots

Italian-Style Mac & Cheese w/ Chicken Sausage


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