diverse diets {vegan.2} meat substitutes

In the past, I’ve tried veggie burgers and veggie chicken patties. They weren’t, however, strictly vegan. So I made sure to look at ingredients this time and, on my last grocery visit, bought a few different types of “meat”.


Boca Veggie Burger (Original)
I like these. They don’t taste like hamburgers. In fact, I think they don’t really taste like much of anything. But that’s okay, at least it’s not a bad taste. If only I could slap on a slice of pepperjack along with my lettuce and onion…


Boca Spicy Chik’n Veggie Patty
I love these. They have just The right amount of flavor to them. Maybe it’s my nearly three weeks sans chicken, but I can hardly tell that there is no meat.


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