diverse diets {vegan.1} loss of dairy


The dairy-free part of the vegan diet is the hardest thing to get over, and I’d anticipated as much. I’m not a big milk drinker as it is–I probably have about half a cup every morning with my cereal and, on days I do strength-training, another full glass with Nesquik as m recovery drink. But I love cheese and yogurt. To take it away is almost just cruel!! The eggs I gave up aren’t as big a deal, except for in bread. And, while I don’t want to get into any type of moral discussion about animals and animal bi-products, the eggs confuse me a little. They are natural and would only go to waste if not eaten by something (since most are simply unfertilized), so why not humans who feed and care for the source? Sort of the same thing with dairy milk. But enough of that before I step on more toes…

I tried two major types of dairy milk substitutes already this week: almond and soy milk. First was Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk, vanilla flavor. It was…disgusting. The next day, I tried Silk Almond Milk, vanilla flavor (the difference being it’s sweetened). It was only slightly less disgusting. I couldn’t drink either straight and I could just barely stand the sweetened option on my cereal–unsweetened was just so strong a bad taste, my cereal couldn’t overcome it. Now, I didn’t bake with the almond milk, so maybe in that instance it’d be okay. I have been drinking the unsweetened almond milk with chocolate milk powder because I hate to waste the milk and I can just taste the gross-ness behind the chocolate.

This morning, however, I tried the Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk. It’s really good! Not only can I drink it straight, but it tastes okay on my cereal. Only okay because the vanilla flavor is strong and doesn’t go well with my rice and corn cereal flavors 🙂 But it’d be great to dunk cookies, if I ate those anymore…

So my verdict is: Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk tastes the best. Perhaps I’d try less flavored soymilk in the future, just to see how they are.

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