P90x for the summer

imageAlright, I’ve been doing P90x every other day for the past week. My schedule is Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. My Saturday this weekend was booked–no problem, I just did it Friday 🙂 Anywho…I’m really trying to get strong this summer, and I think this will be a good program to do it. Plus, Nick already had it and he has his Bowflex adjustable dumbbells AND a pull-up bar. But he has a commitment problem. With exercise programs, that is. So I think I’ve already used the DVDs more than he has and I’m sure by the end of the summer–unless he decides to do it with me–I’ll have used everything of his more than he has 😀

I’ve never done before and after photos and I’m hoping that by showing you guys, it’ll help keep me motivated to be able to see a change. Since the program goes in 4-week increments, you’ll see some new pictures in a few weeks. I think that it will show more in my core than in my arms, where I really want it, but that’s because I do the ab program every time I do the program (it’s recommended you do the abs every other day, and since I do the program every other day, I always do abs…) So check me out! I really want my triceps to be less flabby (you can’t see how bad they are in the picture, but I won’t post a video of my jiggly arms for you lol)




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