weekly dish {5/19/13}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgI had a lovely week. It was filled with lots of substitutes for coworkers, a field trip, P90x, cleaning the house for my family to come over for a cookout, and a 5K for a really great local charity. Despite all the substitutes at work, it went fairly smoothly. That might be because our one student that loves to be in charge got to work with the substitutes and could walk all over them–therefore, they didn’t have meltdowns every day when they didn’t get their way. Another student was getting a little behavioral because they were getting so excited for our field trip to Bob Evan’s and couldn’t quite handle all of the waiting. But it was good nevertheless. And the broccoli & cheese soup I had at Bob Evan’s was AMAZING! It’s the first time I’ve willingly had soup at a restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed. Last night, Nick and I hosted my entire family for a steak cookout. It is always a really fun time to have my whole family together–we only manage to do it about once a month. And one or more of my brothers-in-law pick on me for eating “un-American” or “weird” stuff–but I don’t mind. My family, except for my parents, have made fun of me for things food-related for probably nearly a year. My friends are the people that will be healthy with me, not my family. At least I have some support somewhere…


I have done P90x four times already this week–Chest & Back, Plyo, Shoulders & Arms, and Yoga and Ab Ripper with those first three (I do the program every other day, so I pretty much do Ab Ripper every time. I did only do half an hour of Yoga–it is supposed to be a 1.5 hour program, but I was so bored with it I couldn’t do more than 30 minutes (it had nothing to do with being sore). I have some before pictures to show you so you can see what I look like now. And I’ll take pictures after the first 4 weeks to see if there’s a difference.


Yesterday, I partook in a 5K for a local business of therapy horses, Serenity Farm. My good and health-addicted friend, Kirsta, was involved with setting up the 5K, one reason I signed up. The other being that Serenity Farm is great, and the kids I work with have even gone there visiting last summer. My goal had been to run the 5K in 30 minutes. But, since my half marathon, my knee has been a little sore, and I’ve only run once in the last couple weeks. I bought a knee strap to see if it’d help at all and it did. I managed to run it in about 32 minutes. The official time is a little iffy. Kirsta and I stuck with this little boy, about 4, towards the end because his leg was hurting and the road wasn’t closed to traffic. We didn’t want him to get hurt. I don’t mind the time–I think it’s a great time, about 4 minutes quicker than my last 5K event. But I was more worried about the boy.


This Past Week’s Cooking
I tried a new vegetarian idea: Feta & Spinach Topped Portabellas. I did not care for it at all. I guess a few mushrooms on a pizza aren’t anything like a big portabella. Even Nick didn’t really like it, and he likes almost anything. I also made some Apple Cinnamon Oat Bread which is quite yummy. And, for Nick, I made Rhubarb Crisp–his mother grows rhubarb and already has a ton, so I made it for him, and the crowd we had over last night 🙂 My one brother-in-law and my sister’s boyfriend both love rhubarb as much as Nick. (I’ll make a post with recipes later, since I slacked on it this week.)

On the Menu
I’m still searching for good vegan things. I finally bought some quinoa, so I’ll try that this week in a few different combinations. Thinking with some stir fry veggies. I still have my spaghetti squash to try, too. But it’s only day two of veganism and I already miss cheese. I bought a couple of cups of non-dairy yogurt (Silk brand) to see how it is. And I have unsweetened almond milk. This is all going to be a BIG change…


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