diverse diets {vegetarian.2} week one


After a week of “being a vegetarian”, I’m more conscious about what I’m eating. I haven’t found it that hard to give up meat, but I do now want to have my Buffalo Chicken Pita Pizzas all the time 🙂 I have found that Mexican food is a good alternative to my regular food. I can substitute beans for meat in almost any recipe, and there are so many great flavors. But I’m already dreading having to give up dairy and eggs in a week when I go vegan–I feel like I’m going to have to live on pasta, salads, fruit, and trail mix.

Aside from diet, I haven’t noticed anything changing about me. My weight hasn’t changed, nor have any measurements. I think I do feel more energetic, but I can’t tell if that’s from the diet change or how the weather has changed and is more chipper.


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