diverse diets {vegetarian}

Picture1So I’m finally starting my diet change-up. First on the list is:


This is very simple. I’m not eating any meat. That’s really the only restriction. I’m also trying specifically to get more veggies into my diet. I could probably live on peanut butter sandwiches or spaghetti, honestly. But that’s not really the point behind VEGetarian, I imagine. So I’m also not going to just switch to meatless hamburgers or chicken patties, ya know?

I actually started this “challenge” on Saturday, so this is my third day sans meat. Saturday, I had my first ever salad. Yesterday, I had another salad. My mother-in-law made a taco salad because I warned her I’d not be able to eat the steaks they were having for dinner. Oh, and I tried asparagus yesterday and I think it tastes a lot like corn. Today, I had a refried bean taco for dinner–pretty yummy. Anyways, I think I’ll post again after a week from the start to sort of sum up how my diet change is going. After a couple of weeks of this, I plan on going straight into vegan without a break of “normal” diet, since they’re so similar. Though I’m very nervous about vegan…

Until next time!


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