weekly dish {5/5/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgWEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS
Nothing to speak of, really. I’ve taken it fairly easy this week…

Since I had a short work week (by one day), I thought the week sort of flew by. All of the kids and staff are getting really antsy for summer to get here, I think. And even though we have a summer program, so I still have to work, I’ve been told it’s nothing like the regular school year. We’ll have lots of outings with the kids, so I’m excited šŸ™‚
197777_10101203725825800_1154965815_nFriday, Nick and I went to watch my baby sister graduate from college. She now has her associates in photography. So proud of her! And last night we had a bonfire. It’s the first bonfire we’ve had at our house šŸ™‚ That was for a friend’s birthday.

Monday, I went for a walk. Tuesday, I decided to ride my bike for a bit. Wednesday, I didn’t really do much. I helped Nick start putting up our garden fence. Thursday, I went for another walk before doing step at school for probably the first time in a month. Friday, I was too busy to do anything–not at home for probably 12 hours. And yesterday morning, I did step at the gym again. So I had a pretty active week, but there was nothing that was all that strenuous.

This Past Week’s Cooking
Towards the beginning of the week, I had hamburgers. Might not seem special, but I hadn’t had them in awhile and I can’t have them again for 4 weeks, as I’ve gone vegetarian and will be vegan in a couple of weeks as part of my Diverse Diets idea. Then I changed up my regular pita pizza for a pizza on naan. What made it even better was that it was garlic naan–it is super good!! Better than pita. But, it has more than twice the amount of calories of the pita, so it won’t be a weekly thing. But yesterday, I had my first ever salad. I know that you must wonder how I’ve managed to not have a salad before this. But it’s really easy and simple–I didn’t like vegetables enough to eat them on their own, even mixed together, especially since I don’t think dressing is a good idea. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still don’t really like it. But it isn’t the worst taste, so I’m forcing myself to “grow up” a little and just eat it already. I highly doubt, though, that I’ll ever choose to make a salad when other things are available, unless there’s a reason behind it (like, “If I eat a salad, I can have frozen yogurt” or something haha)

On the Menu
I’m going to try a few different kinds of salads this week. Maybe one will taste better than the one I had yesterday (which, again, wasn’t horrible, but not amazing). Here’s a couple I want to try:

I think these might appeal more because of the fruit (I love fruit). I’m also going to wing it and make a few different Mexican dishes with a refried bean base. Like a taco salad or just a taco with the beans instead of beef. We’ll see what I can come up with šŸ™‚


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