monthly wrap-up {13.4}

imageRecipes Tried (for March & April)



Exercising & Health

Due to our trip to DC at the beginning of the month and the last leg of my prep for a half-marathon, I have walked/ran about 105 miles this month. That is just ridiculous! I hardly went to the gym at all. I was pretty focused on running. And my half-marathon was just a few days ago. My official time was 2:49:16 🙂


  • 2013 Beginning Weight: 144.5
  • April Beginning Weight: 135.0 (not really sure, because we were on vaca as the month changed, so this was when I got home)
  • April Ending Weight: 132.5
  • # of Days I Worked Out: 19
  • # of Days I Was Under Calorie Goal: 26 (3 of the 4 days I was over were my carbo loading days pre-half-marathon)

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