weekly dish {4/29/2013} carbo-loading edition


***Glass City (Owens Corning) Half-Marathon 4/28/13 — Official Time: 2:49:16
***New Fastest Mile Time: 9:53 minutes (4/22/13)

I know this is a day late, but I just did not feel like writing up a post yesterday. Work was crazy the past week. Of the 5 staff in the classroom, myself included, I was the only one that was at work all day every day. So I was there to experience everything. Not that anything big really happened, but it is always a tad stressful when someone is out. Today it got to be me–I took the day off because of my half-marathon yesterday. Plus, I’m getting an abundance of sick days and I don’t want the store to get too big.

I didn’t workout much last week. I went for a run on Monday. I felt like I was moving pretty fast, so I decided to see how fast I could get that first mile. 9:53!! I wrote about it here, but I’m still really excited about that accomplishment 🙂 Tuesday was nice, so I went for a quick walk around town on my way home from work. I had planned on my last run before the race to be Wednesday, but it was raining. (Little did I know, I should’ve ran in the rain to prep for yesterday…) Then I didn’t exercise again so that 1) I didn’t get hurt before the race and (more importantly) 2) so I didn’t use up all the carbs I so painstakingly took in. Obviously, yesterday my exercise was the half-marathon 😀

This Past Week’s Cooking
I didn’t really cook anything special because I was focused on eating to prep for the half-marathon. I finished up my Skinny Broccoli & Chicken Alfredo that I had leftover. I tried something that RunnersWorld.com recommended for carbo-loading–a baked potato topped with salsa. It was really good! The salsa taste overpowered the potato, but the potato was the filling part. I made some more Corn Dog Muffins for Nick and I over the week, too. Yesterday, Nick and I had dinner at a local restaurant. We had what was called Rapture Dip, which was refried beans, queso, and chorizo, with red onions, and chives. It was absolutely amazing!! I need to try my hand at making it 🙂 Despite having no recipe…It was Thursday-Saturday that really sucked. That was when I was really trying to carbo-load.

I never would have thought I’d hate carbo-loading. But, following the advice of RunnersWorld, it turned out to be hard. I mean, I had to pretty much double my intake of food, which is a huge change to my diet which wreaked havoc on my digestive system. Two of the three days before the race, my stomach was not good. Not because of what I was eating, but because of how much. I rarely consume more than 1700 calories a day and on these days it was closer to 2500! Anyways, I think I might have to figure out a better way of carbo-loading next time. Maybe I won’t try to double everything the last few days, but up my carbs by just a bit for the whole week or something…

On the Menu
Originally, I’d planned to start my “diverse” dieting this week with trying out the life of a vegetarian. But then I decided that it wasn’t fair. I had to give up the chance for hamburgers and plain old peanut butter sandwiches amongst other things last week because I didn’t want to have it sitting in my gut while running or burn up carbs because I ate too much protein. So this week I’m going to eat my regular somewhat healthy stuff and next week, I’ll be a vegetarian 🙂

PS-My mom made me get all my old dresses from high school dances out of their house this weekend. For kicks, I tried them all on. The dress I wore about 9.5 years ago for homecoming–my first dance with Nick–fits me again! This is just awesome 🙂


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