worry is starting to set in…

Okay, my first ever half-marathon is in just under 12 hours. And the worry is beginning to set in.

There is a 50% chance for rain tomorrow. I’ve never ran in the rain! Will I be too cold in just a long sleeved shirt, since the projected temperature is 50? Will I be hot in another layer? How cold will the possible rain make me? I don’t normally run early in the day, like ever. Will I be able to run so far so early? How will my legs hold up if I don’t have 8 hours of everyday activity to stretch them out in addition to stretching? My carbo loading has been hell on my tummy. Will my digestive system act up during the run?

They might not seem like big details. But they are all I can think about right now and I’m pretty nervous…


One thought on “worry is starting to set in…

  1. I worry about every single race I have done. When I did my first half marathon last year, I was soo worried that I only got 4 hours of sleep. Just have fun it is your first half marathon so just enjoy the experience. I ran in the rain once and my jacket felt super heavy the only thing I was grateful for was my hat because it kept the rain out of my eyes. šŸ˜‰

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