trying something new {4}

I know you won’t believe that I’m 25 and haven’t ever had some of the following foods before just recently. But it is the truth. I have forgotten to add a post for each of these different things, but perhaps it’s not worth a post for every item in particular. Maybe just once a month or something? Anyways…

Ataulfo Mango
I have to admit, my experience with any mango is practically nonexistent. So I can’t explain what the difference in taste is between the two. These tasted like a regular mango as far as I could tell, but regardless the taste was mildly sweet. I’m not sure that I’d eat it as I would an apple, but it would be good in a fruit salad. I think it would taste especially good alongside pineapple and strawberries.

These I picked up because I knew Nick would eat them if it turned out I didn’t like them. I honestly can’t remember ever eating any kind of citrus like oranges. As a kid, I was all about the apples and grapes. My sisters must have also not cared for the citrus fruit because I don’t remember my parents ever having bought them for us. I have a pretty good memory of the past 15 years–but I imagine I wouldn’t have been averse to trying these if I had any recollection of eating them before. Anyways, verdict is that I love these!

You’d think that a person with a sweet tooth like me would have tried more of a variety of fruits long ago. But I haven’t had a nectarine until this past week. And it was really good. I had to ask Nick before I ate it if it was ripe enough, though–some fruit is ripe at a firmer state than others, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t eating it before it’d have the best taste. Glad I did, or I probably would’ve eaten it about 3-4 days too soon.

Nature Valley bars
These are my new favorite snack. Seriously. Not specifically the kind in the picture–there’s a trail mix blend, almond, and peanut bars as well. I do like the sweet and salty nut variety more than the crunchy granola bars. Obviously I’ve had similar items before, but these have to be some of the best tasting, even if they might be slightly less healthy than others, like Kashi. This is amazing, really, because even probably a year ago, I never would have eaten anything with nuts like this before. I wasn’t a big nut person. But these have made me realize how good they can taste mixed together. I now love trail mix!!

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