b-e-a-utiful day!

imageI’m just full of surprises. Last week, I skipped miles 11 & 12 and went straight from 10 to 13 🙂 But today I went from my best mile-time, 10:49, to a new best: 9:53. When I started my run today, I felt like I was going fast. So I pushed myself to go fast for a mile. I wasn’t breathing the hardest I ever have, but I was going pretty fast for me. I was honestly just trying to get nearer to 10 minutes than what I had. So I was amazed when I saw that 9 and some seconds 😀

This has given me a new goal. Run the Serenity Farm 5K on May 18 in 30 minutes. You see, after the half marathon this weekend, I need a new goal and I want this to be time-related rather than distance-related.

I can’t wait until the woods are full of life. The trees still look pretty dead, but there’s lots of animals running around. But it was a beautiful 70-degree day today! Almost got hot 🙂


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