weekly dish {4/21/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgWEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS
New Longest Distance (4/17): 13.02 miles (2:57:56)

As usual, when the week is full of work, it just seems to fly by. I can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks since we came home from vacation in DC. Anyways, the only big thing that happened this week was a field trip with the kids to Imagination Station (that’s like COSI–they’re both a sort of fun science place for kids). I rode on the balancing bike (on a cable about 15-20 feet high, but with a 275-pound weight suspended to act as a fulcrum so you can’t tip it over). The kid I was supervising did great at the place–we’re always a little weary of how he’ll act because it’s his first year in the program, so we haven’t seen how he’s done with certain places, especially this one that was full of possible sensory overloads. Yesterday, I went with a couple of friends to see my high school alma mater’s performance of Beauty and the Beast. It was amazing! The performance arts center that was built after I graduated is just awesome–the acoustics make the show 🙂 Nick and I were helping those same friends lay down a new laminate floor. At least this floor was probably 1/4 of the size of ours, so Nick was able to do it in the weekend. It looks awesome.

I tried to run really far last Sunday after I’d posted, but I only made it 9.5 miles. At that point I was exhausted, my knees were killing me, and I was so thirsty! I was running out on the country roads, so I was close to my sister’s house when I needed to get water. But Nick made me mad. I always make it a point to have my phone when I run, because I run alone. And I tell him what my route is, so he has some clue as to where I am. And he does like that. When his phone isn’t on, though, and I would like him to pick me up, it upsets me. So I had to walk 3.5 miles back to my car, and I was pretty POed. Anyways, on Wednesday I ran that magical 13 miles. I was ecstatic. Mostly because this just proves I can do the distance. I don’t have to worry come next week 😀 But I’ll definitely try to beat my time, 2:57:56 (yes, I realize that people can run a full marathon in that time, but this is amazing for me). Today I spent an hour in the garden with a hoe. Nick will still be rodotilling the garden because I can’t break up the ground into small enough bits–it’s a bit lumpy in the 4×4 square that I did. But it’s still a good outdoor workout for my arms.

imageThis Past Week’s Cooking

  • Skinny Broccoli & Chicken Alfredo
  • Corn Dog Muffins (picture below)
    This is so simple, I’m not writing a separate post for it. Just add chopped up hot dogs to cornbread muffins before popping them in the oven. They were quite tasty!

On the Menu

I’m going to post on this later in the week, but this week will be a bit carb heavy. I’ll need to keep eating the Broccoli & Chicken Alfredo. Starting Thursday, I’ll be carbo-loading. I’m not really planning on eating any big meals, but more like random mixes of carb-heavy foods. Again, I’ll post about carbo-loading this week and more specifically, what I ate to prep for the race on Sunday.


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