home-made & healthy {8} skinny broccoli & chicken alfredo


I love chicken. I love noodles. I love alfredo. And I have come to like broccoli, if it’s in the right dish. So what isn’t to like about the idea of a healthier dish that includes them all. I honestly had this same dish at Applebee’s a couple of months ago, obviously with probably 10x the amount of unhealthy stuff. Now, it doesn’t taste quite the same. But I was very surprised at how good this “skinny” alfredo tasted. It’s made up of chicken broth, flour, milk, and plain Greek yogurt.

Verdict = excellent 🙂

This comes from Table for Two, which I came across on the beloved Pinterest. Check it out for the recipe!

Here’s my edits to the recipe:

1) If by “1 pound rotini pasta” the recipe means dry, it is way too much. I took it as such, but only had about half a pound of noodles. And that, after cooking, was still too much. I probably had about a fourth of the noodles I made leftover (so that’s about 6 oz. of noodles I actually used). Obviously, I could’ve added those noodles, but then the sauce-ratio would’ve been too thin. But I recommend no more than 8 oz. dry of noodles.

2) I heated the chicken broth over medium high heat and added the garlic in. Then added the flour and milk and Greek yogurt all about the same time. It ended up a fine sauce besides 🙂


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