weekly dish {4/14/2013}


Weekly Highlights
NONE–I’ve been very lame this week 😦

I’ve been in a slump this week. I don’t know if it was because the weather pretty much sucked this week and had me all depressed. Or if it was because last week, even though it was a vacation, was just so GO-GO-GO with all the walking that I just wanted to sit around at home after work. Either way, this isn’t a good thing. I mean, I have my first half-marathon in two weeks and the furthest I’ve gone is 10 miles. I’m running later this afternoon, so I’ll hopefully get up to 11 or 12 miles. But it just really bugs me that I let myself be so lazy when I need to be working on this 😦 That little bit of a slip makes me worried I’ll start slipping in other ways, like not working out or eating crappy. I’ve been able to keep a workout schedule and eat healthier for a few months at a time before, but I’d really like this time around to be that permanent life change and not a spurt of trying to make myself healthier.

got me some new running socks for the half-marathon πŸ™‚

Anyways, I did run 4 miles at the gym on Monday in 46 minutes (that’s fast for me)–but I doubt I’d be able to run that speed out on the pavement πŸ˜• I also walked on the highest incline on the treadmill for a bit on Wednesday. I was so mad at myself Thursday because I was all set to do my step class and I had waited around nearby for an hour before it started (out of the way to go home between) and when I got in my car 15 minutes before class started to go to the gym, I realized I didn’t have my clothes!! Β If I’d realized earlier, I would have gone home even if it was out of the way, but I didn’t. And yesterday I was in a very depressed mood after work. Work had been fine, but I just wanted to cry when I thought about doing the 8-mile run I should’ve done. And why didn’t I exercise at home at all? Because I guess I feel like that bit of exercise is nothing compared to what I do at the gym. Even though I always think other people are dumb because anything is better than nothing–for some reason I’m bad at holding that true to myself 😦 Yesterday morning, the step class was cancelled. But I was already at the gym, so I did some treadmill stuff–I ran, walked slow at a high incline, walked faster at smaller inclines.

Half-Marathon Training
As I’ve already stated above. I’m lame and didn’t really do anything besides run a total of 5 miles for this week.

This Past Week’s Cooking

On the Menu


2 thoughts on “weekly dish {4/14/2013}

  1. How did the pork chops taste?

    • Sorry!! They were really good. I’m affected a bit by texture of food, but I’m working on it and I was able to overcome it for this. I think you can really taste the cinnamon, but not like it overpowered everything. so if you want to taste a bit more of everything, do a bit less of that ingredient.

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