depressing weather


Alright, Mother Nature. I’ve about had it. Last weekend the weather around here was beautiful–mid-60s and sunny. It has gone downhill all week! Rain has been on and off pretty consistently since Monday. And the temperature has been going down, DOWN, DOWN as well. There’s a windchill, even! I have a race I need to run in little over two weeks. I’m not making excuses. There is no reason that I couldn’t do that 8-mile run I was supposed to do this afternoon. But seriously, the idea of running in a world that looks like the above picture (and in a 31 windchill to boot) literally made me want to cry today as I was driving home from work.

I think part of my aversion to working out this week–I ran 4 miles on Monday and walked at steep inclines on the treadmill on Wednesday–has been the constant walking from last week. There is no physical reminder of all that walking for 7 days, but mentally I”m just spent. But I worry about letting myself get into a workout-free funk because that has happened before. And it can last for a month or two :0

Hopefully Mother Nature will fix the forecast for next week–which calls for lots of rain, but at least warmer temperatures. I’m hoping that all this rain will make me extra happy when the sun does come out and stick around for awhile. And that there will be no rain left for the actual running event I have in 16 days 😀


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