weekly dish {4/7/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgWEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS (for last 2 weeks)
New Longest Distance (3/29): 10.02 miles (2:14:25)
Longest Distance Ever Walked at One Time (4/1): 14.85 miles (due to…)
Vacation to Washington D.C. (3/29-4/5)

I was a little busy last weekend, which is why I didn’t write up a weekly dish post. Why was I busy, you wonder? Well, Nick and I went to Washington D.C. during my school’s spring break. We don’t normally take big vacations like this, but in June is our 10th anniversary. No, not wedding anniversary–honestly, our “dating” anniversary is more important to me…only others who have dated for so long before marriage could probably understand 🙂 Anyways, we were gone for the whole past week and weekend, which is why I’ve been rather silent here. During the trip, we walked A TON! Including walking in museums, we covered 47.51 MILES in a week–on one day alone we walked nearly 15 miles over the 10 hours we were out sight-seeing and museum-ing 🙂 (We only sat down long enough to eat lunch and while riding the metro.) Needless to say, our legs were really sore. But we know it’s mostly due to our lack of walking on hills–we easily got shin splints by walking downhill, slapping our feet the whole way. But my legs were perfectly fine as of Thursday, so that’s good.


The week before is already hard to remember 😛 I ran 10.02 MILES (a new personal best distance) Friday before we left for vacation. I also ran 4.02 miles on Tuesday–that day I had meant to run 6 miles, but a sudden heavy, wet snow caught me. It’s not that I couldn’t have run in it, but I certainly did not want to get sick right before our vacation. And I ran 3.00 miles Monday at the gym–the weather sucked but I was going to make myself do it one way or another. I actually did it at a faster pace than normal just to get it done with as soon as possible. There was also this sort of new “class” at the gym that the woman called “Fitball” on Wednesday. She is subbing for a step instructor, and is doing this routine she made up. It was actually a pretty good class and I really felt it the next day.

Half-Marathon Training
Well, last week I’d got up to 10 miles so that was good. It was a real lesson I learned that I need to better fuel up if I’m going to run so far so early in the day (which is exactly how the race will be–starts at 7am). I’m not used to this because I’ve always been an afternoon/evening runner. If anyone has suggestions as to fueling up before a long morning run, please share! I need to do some research–the race is in 3 weeks :O

This Past Week’s Cooking

We spent the week previous to our vaca eating random stuff at the house so we wouldn’t end up with stuff to go bad in the fridge while we were gone. But I did make meatloaf and tacos to take with us on our trip. We had a kitchenette, so we could heat up some food. We only ate out 5 times during the whole week, which I consider pretty good having been gone for essentially 8 days. And none of it was fast food–that doesn’t make it healthier food. But I tried, for the most part, to make some healthier choices like chicken and sweet potato fries.

On the Menu

Honestly, I haven’t had time to even think about what to get at the store. But it is getting warmer outside, so perhaps I’ll get Nick to grill sometime this week. And I’m going to spend some time, not only researching good fuel for long morning runs, but also in looking for some clean recipes.


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